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The Mausoleum is a scary story about a young man who inherits an old mansion that has been in his family for generations. It is based on two old horror comics, “The Ghoul of Eldritch Manor” and “The Hungry Ghoul”.


The mansion had belonged to the Eldritch family for centuries. Ambrose Eldritch had lived there alone for most of his life. He was a shy and reclusive old man and he had shut himself up in the mansion. Nobody had seen him for years.

When he died, the mansion went to his closest living relative, his nephew, Ellison. After the funeral, Ellison went to the laywer’s office and signed all the necessary papers. He received the deed to his ancestral home. The mansion was now his to do with as he pleased. He decided that he would like to live there.

On the day he moved in, he unlocked the front door and stepped into the dusty old mansion. It was filled with antique furniture and priceless heirlooms. He wandered through the halls, admiring the paintings of his ancestors that adorned the walls.

That night, after going through the house, Ellison took a flashlight and decided to explore the large marble structure that lay behind the house. It was the family mausoleum, and generation after generation of Eldritches had been buried there.

When he entered, Ellison saw that the mausoleum contained all of his ancestors, stretching back over 400 years. There were separate chambers and in each of them, there was a coffin containing the moldering body of a distant dead relative.

As the days passed by, Ellison found himself visiting the mausoleum again and again. It was quiet and peaceful there. He liked the idea that this was the place where he would be buried when he died.

One evening, he was shocked to discover that one of the coffins had been opened. It was the coffin belonging to his uncle Ambrose. When he lifted the lid and peered inside, he saw something that sent a chill right through him.

The old man’s coffin had been descecrated and his body had been mutilated. His torso had been ripped open and most of his guts were missing. Parts of his flesh had been torn away. All over his skin, were the unmistakeable marks of human teeth. It was almost too terrible to believe. Someone or something had been feasting on him.

Ellison was horrified. He ran back to the mansion and called the police. A few minutes later, two policemen arrived and took a look around. After asking some questions, they shrugged their shoulders and told him there was nothing they could do.

The next morning, Ellison drove into town. He went to the local hunting supply shop and bought an enormous steel trap, big enough to catch a human being. He brought it home and placed it in the tomb, setting the trap near the entrance so that the big steel teeth would immediately snap shut on anyone who tresspassed.

He returned to the mansion and went to bed, falling into a troubled sleep. At some point during the night, he was awakened by the sound of movement outside. He scrambled out of bed, grabbed his flashlight and went to check if anything had been disturbed.

When he got to the mausoleum, Ellison shone his flashlight around. He saw that the steel trap had been carefully moved away from the entrance. Stepping inside, he discovered that his uncle’s coffin had been opened again and more of the body had been devoured.

One of the eyes was missing and the other was hanging from its socket. Most of the flesh had been stripped from the face, exposing the skull underneath. Somehow, the ghoul had gotten to the body again.

Ellison immediately ran back to the mansion and called the police. He informed them about what had happened and demanded that they do something about it. The next day, two policemen were assigned to guard the mausoleum.

That night, while the policemen were walking around outside in the cold, patrolling the grounds, Ellison was sitting by the fireside, reading a book. After a while, he began to doze off.

All of a sudden, he was awoken by the sound of shouting and when he opened his eyes, he found himself blinking in the glare of a flashlight.

Ellison looked around. He was in the mausoleum. The policemen were standing at the door, shining their flashlights on him. Their faces were grim.

He looked down and realized he was standing over the coffin of his uncle Ambrose…

“What’s going on?” he tried to say, but there was something in his mouth… something soft and chewy…

To his horror, he realized that, in his hands, he was clutching the half-eaten remains of a human heart.

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  • So while sleepwalking He ate his uncle and then washed his face without waking up and most prolly changed his clothes too

  • So he was a ghoul…… So now he don’t have to worry much about his grave, as his own grave won’t be eaten by himself. I wonder how he didn’t came to know that he was eating his uncle’s flesh. Sleep walking is growing these days. I hope it stops affecting people like this.

  • Nice story. Imagine yourself in that man’s place. Would have been a big, huge scare for me.

  • Yuck! I wonder what happened to him afterwards. I think he got a free membership to a mental institution, got sent to live in a deserted island for the rest of his life, or a free session with a psychologist or psychiatrist and soon scared out of his wits became a vegetarian.

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