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Maple Grove

Maple Grove

Maple Grove Cemetery is a haunted graveyard near Vermillion, Ohio. It is home to a famous cursed statue that is known as the “Death Angel”. The strangest thing about this statue is that its head and hands have been chopped off.

Maple Grove

In Maple Grove cemetery, there is a damaged and ruined statue of an angel that stands guard over one of the graves. The angel is slightly larger than a full grown person, but it has no head or hands.

According to the legend, there was a woman named Alice who lived in the area years ago and she had a young daughter. For some reason, one dark and stormy night, Alice murdered her only daughter. Nobody knows why the woman would do such a thing, but afterwards, she was overcome by grief.

Filled with remorse and regret, she buried her daughter in Maple Grove cemetery and had a large statue of an angel erected over the girl’s grave. The statue was of a white angel and its face bore a sad and melancholy expression.

The mother fell into a deep depression and she was wracked with guilt for the rest of her short life. She was never able to get over the horrible crime she had committed and slowly went insane. A few years after the death of her daughter, Alice took her own life. She was buried in the grave next to her daughter, under the watchful eye of the Dark Angel.

Not long after the woman’s death, local people in the area began to notice strange and inexplicable events. Some folks who passed by the cemetery at night claimed that the eyes of the angel would appear to follow them as if it were alive. Farmers began finding their cattle and livestock slaughtered in the fields. They said the animals had been torn apart in a horrible fashion.

One morning, some people noticed that the angel statue had dark red stains all over its hands and mouth. It appeared to be fresh blood. Suspicious locals focused their attention on the Dark Angel. They started spreading rumors that the evil spirit of Alice was condemned to live for eternity in the statute as punishment for her sins.

They came to believe that her vengeful spirit was inhabiting the angel statue and causing it to leave its place in the cemetery at night and fly across the countryside attacking and killing livestock in an attempt to satisfy her rage. It was also rumored that if you climbed up on to the angel’s back she would give you a ride through hell.

After weeks of finding butchered animals in the fields, and rumors running rampant through the community, the locals finally had enough. They entered the graveyard and sawed off the statue’s hands and wings.

After this, the killings of livestock ceased and people who visited the graveyard noticed that rusty streaks appeared on the angel’s face, running down the cheeks like tears. They said that it was the tormented soul of the mother weeping for her sins.

The angel statue was said to be cursed and if you stared into its eyes they would glow and you would die shortly afterwards. The legend also stated that anyone who desecrated the statue would meet an untimely death. One night, some kids went into Maple Grove cemetery and vandalized the statue, cutting off its head. The next day, they died in a car crash and the severed head of the angel was found lying in the back seat.

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  • @krissylovesscary. Good job but the title has nothing to do with the story aside from the game title. Should be explained more.

  • @RvB_Sigma, I thought of that too the minute I saw “death angel”

  • Am I the only one who thought of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who when I read this story?

  • Hey SFK I have a story. Its my first one but im horrible at writing and you have full permission to make any changes necassary.
    Andrew loved to play video games. He would always save up on his allowence money just so he can go to the store and buy the latest game and spend hour after hour trying to beat every level. One day, after Andrew had saved up enough money, he did his normal walk to the game shop in hopes of finding another game that he could enjoy. When he reached the store he scanned the aisles searching, until he found one peticular game that caught his eye. The case that game was held in was quite different from the others. It had no details about the game, no picture, nothing. Just the word “Tikalara” and under the title were the words “play at you’re own risk”. This made the boy was eager to find out what the game was about so in his curiosity, he went up to the clerk to buy the strange game.
    “Hmm” said the clerk “I dont remember seeing this game before”
    Andrew didnt respond and payed for the game. After which he quickly ran home to play Tikalara.
    Andrew burst into his room and quickly put the disk into his video game console. He then sat down and prepared to play the game.
    The game started off regulary. The words “Tikalara” faded onto the screen only to fade away again. Then, peculiarly, the game automatically began to play. There were no “options” or “tutorial” or anything else that a normal game would have. This confused Andrew but he just shrugged it off and began to play.
    He started as a first person player, standing in a dark forest. Not knowing what to do, he wondered aimlessly around the woods until he reached a small cabin. He opened the cabin door only to find it empty. He crept up the stairs and searched the rooms, in one of the rooms, on the bed, was a note. He went up to the note and read the two words.
    “Stop now”
    Not knowing what it ment, he payed no attention and continued searching the cabin. When he found nothing that caught his eye, he went back outside and ventured back into the woods.
    As he was wondering threw the woods, he saw a black silhoutte behind a tree that quickly disappeared. Confused, Andrew went over to the tree to investagate. Behind the tree was another note that read “You need to stop now”.
    Andrew began to get a little creeped out but continued to play. Still wondering threw the woods, he finally reached a road. He continued down the road and began to realise that it looked a little familiar. He followed the road until he reached a dead end. What he saw at the dead end made his blood run cold.
    It was his house.
    How could this be? Was it a coincedence? Although Andrew was terrified, curiosity got the best of him and he decided to keep playing. He opened the door of the house an looked around. Everything in the game resembled what consited of his actual house. Trembling in fear he crept up the stairs into what would be his room. He slowly opened the door, it was empty. He looked around but saw nothing. Suddenly, in the game, he heard the creek of his door opening, behind him, a black silhoutte was coming up towards him. His player would not move. All Andrew could do was watch in fear as the silhoutte came upon Andrew’s player and stabbed him repeatedly with a sharp butcher knife. Before Andrews player died, Andrew got a glimse of the mirror in the game and finally saw what the player looked like.
    It was him.
    Just then, the game shut off and the screen turned black. Andrew stood paralyzed. All he could do was tremble as he heard his door slowly creep open, and a black silhoutte creep towards him.

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