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Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls are for sale from Mezco Toyz. They are cute but creepy collectible dolls that have designs based on different horror characters. These sweetly twisted and irresistibly morbid figurines from creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek just keep us dying for more. Here we take a look at some of the best ones.

Living Dead Dolls

Series 1

Living Dead Dolls Series 1

Sadie, Sin, Posey, Eggzorcist and Damien. Damien is the kid from the horror movie, The Omen.

Series 2

Living Dead Dolls Series 2

School Time Sadie, Kitty, Deadbra Ann, Lizzie Borden and Lou Sapphire. Lizzie Borden was the woman who murdered her parents.

Series 8

Living Dead Dolls Series 8

The Lost, Angus Litilrott, Faith, Grace. If these living dolls don’t scare you, then you’re already dead. The Lost also includes her favorite spooky plush ragdoll.

Series 9

Living Dead Dolls Series 9

Elisa Day, Toxic Molly, Dawn, Blue and Purdy. Elisa Day was girl who was murdered by her boyfriend in the urban legend, The Wild Rose.

Series 11

Living Dead Dolls Series 11

Maggot, Killbaby, Jubilee, Rain and Isaiah. Five new creepy characters that will stir collectors worldwide into a torch and pitchfork-wielding frenzy.

Series 12

Living Dead Dolls Series 12

Chloe, Tessa, Frozen Charlotte, Cuddles and Ezekiel. Frozen Charlotte is from the urban legend about a girl who froze to death while out riding with her boyfriend.

Series 13

Living Dead Dolls Series 13

Jacob, Morgana, Iris, Evangeline and Simone. Each doll represents a superstition and the horrific consequences. A black cat scratch, a broken mirror, seven years of bad luck, walking under a ladder and opening an umbrella indoors.

Series 17

Living Dead Dolls Series 17

Living Dead Dolls Series 17 are all based on Urban Legends: The Hook, The Vanishing Hitchhiker, Bloody Mary, The Spider Bite and The Kidney Thieves.

Series 24

Living Dead Dolls Series 24

Andras, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Beelzebub, Xezbeth and Yuki Onna. These Living Dead Dolls are all based on ghosts from folklore. Yuki-onna is the snow ghost from Japanese urban legends.


Living Dead Dolls Chucky

Bloody Mary

Living Dead Dolls Bloody Mary

Edgar Allan Poe

Living Dead Dolls Edgar Allan Poe

The American author, Edgar Allan Poe’s final poem was Annabel Lee written in 1849 and published shortly after his death that same year. Some say it was written for his wife, some for a lover, and others say that it was the product of Poe’s gloomy imagination. Outfitted in period clothes, Poe and Lee are packaged complete with a raven and a book of poetry.

Jason Voorhees

Living Dead Dolls Jason Voorhees

The Jason Voorhees Living Dead Doll design of is based on the film Friday The 13th Part III. He is fully posable and stands approximately 10-inches tall and includes removable mask, a machete and real cloth clothing.


Living Dead Dolls Leatherface

Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface wears navy pants, an ivory shirt, cowboy boots and an apron and comes with a chainsaw.

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  • Me and my little sister collect them. I have the full Alice in Wonderland collection :)

  • Oh these are so cute but creepy, I would love to have some of them!

  • these r soo cool my friend collects these and they freak me out especially series 21 the zombie series(they follow you and move)

  • I LOVE these dolls! I have eight:)None of mine are listed, though:I I have Sheena from series 3 (She died from stage-diving and hitting her head), Damien from sreies 1 (He was from the movie The Omen.), Little Red Riding Hood from Scary Tales Volume 1, Vanity from series 7 (She died on the table while getting plastic surgery), Fashion Vicitim Sheena, Absynth from series 21 (A little fairy girl.), Ava from series 22 (Zombie!), and Roxie from series 22 (Zombie!).

  • I have one of them! Her name is Catrina and she’s from Series 20, ‘Day Of The Dead’! My sister got it for me for my 14th birthday! She said it was the only one she could find that didn’t scare her. I would’ve prefered Sybil(a doll that died and went insane from literally losing her mind), but Catrina’s cute.

  • Did anyone hear the story about a girl called Emily who got one of these cursed dolls for her birthday. it was actually quite innocent-looking, but it had evil eyes and because she didn’t like the way it looked at her, she put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. After that, every night, she heard that doll saying stuff like “Emily I am on the first step.” “Emily, I am on the fifth step.” “Emily, I am on the ninth step.” Until finally, her parents found her dead one morning, with the doll in her bed, smiling evilly.

  • i like the blue one with the skates and the one with pony tails and black dress is so cute

  • i so love them there adorible i would so have toes in my room ooo im so buying one theres a store bye my house that as these XD YAY

  • I Would Love That 4 My Bday (: They are cute daisy i (L) Them!!! They are ledgend-ish :P

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