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Licca Chan

Licca Chan

The Licca-Chan Doll is a Japanese urban legend about a cute doll that is rumored to be cursed. According to the legend, if you throw it away, the doll will come back to exact a horrifying revenge.

Licca Chan Doll

Licca-Chan Doll

The Licca-Chan doll is a very popular doll in Japan. It is the Japanese equivalent of the Barbie doll. In fact, it was so popular that the company that manufactures the dolls decided to set up a phone line to promote their product.

Kids were able to call up and speak to Licca-chan. Actually, they just listened to a recorded message, but rumors began to spread that some kids had heard Licca-chan saying creepy things like, “I’m coming to your house to kill you.”

This gave rise to the following urban legend:

One day, a young girl was cleaning up her room. Going through her possessions, she found a Licca-chan doll she had cherished when she was a child. However, she had gotten too old to play with dolls, so she took it outside and threw it in the trash.

Some time later, the girl and her parents moved to a new city. One day, she came home from school as usual. Her parents were still at work. As soon as she came through the front door, the phone in the hallway began to ring.

When she picked it up, she heard a little voice say, “Hello, this is Licca-chan. I’m on the rubbish dump. I was abandoned, but I’m coming home.”

The young girl hung up the phone, thinking someone was playing a joke on her. A little later, the phone rang again.

When she picked it up, the same voice said, “Hello, this is Licca-chan. I’m at the train station. Soon we’ll be together again.”

She hung up and began to feel a little uneasy. After a while, the phone rang again.

When she picked it up, the same voice said, “Hello, this is Licca-chan. I’m coming down your street. Do you miss me?”

The girl hung up again. This time, she was scared. She wondered when her parents would get home. Of course, a few minutes afterwards, the phone rang yet again.

The little girl heard the voice saying, “Hello, this is Licca-chan. I’m outside your house. Open the door.”

Now the girl was terrified and she kept saying to herself, “Surely it’s just a joke…” She went over to the window and peered through the curtains, but there was nothing outside. The girl was relieved.

The phone rang one last time and when she picked it up, she heard, “Hello, this is Licca chan and I’m right behind you!”

Three-Legged Licca-chan

According to the legend, the company that makes Licca-chan dolls had a fault in the manufacturing process. They accidentally produced a batch of doll with three legs. The dolls had already been shipped out to stores before the error was discovered.

Although the company hurriedly recalled all the three-legged dolls, some were not recovered and were sold to members of the public.

One evening, a young woman was taking a walk in the park. She needed to go to the bathroom, so she walked into the public toilet and entered a cubicle. As she was sitting down on the toilet, she noticed something lying on the floor by her feet.

It was a Licca-chan doll.

She wondered what it was doing in such a place. Had somebody thrown it away? She felt sorry for the doll and casually picked it up. She was shocked by what she saw.

The Licca-chan doll had three legs.

Two of the legs were normal and flesh-colored, but the third leg was deformed and hairy and the color was a creepy purple.

She was so startled at the sight that she accidentally dropped the doll. It lay face-down on the floor of the bathroom.

Then, as the young woman watched in horror, the doll’s head slowly turned around to face her.

It opened its tiny mouth and said, “My name is Licca-chan and I’m cursed. I’m cursed. I’m cursed…”

The woman was terrified and ran away from there as fast as she could. But wherever she went, the voice followed her and continued to whisper in her ear.

“My name is Licca-chan and I’m cursed. I’m cursed. I’m cursed…”

The woman’s phone kept ringing and the Licca-chan doll would be on the other end saying, “My name is Licca-chan and I’m cursed. I’m cursed. I’m cursed…”

Finally, the young woman could not bear it any longer and it drove her insane. She ruptured her own eardrums, just so she wouldn’t have to hear the voice again.

There are other stories associated with the Three-Legged Licca-chan dolls.

Sometimes one appears in the toilet of a school and is found by a young schoolgirl. It says “My name is Licca-chan. Let’s play a game of hide and seek.” Before the schoolgirl has a chance to answer, the doll takes out a knife and stabs her, saying, “You’re it!”

In another story, the doll’s third leg is made of human flesh and it says, “My name is Licca-chan and I’m looking for the owner of this leg.”

A different version involves a girl finding the Licca-chan doll in the toilet bowl. She is disgusted by the gross purple leg and tries to flush it down the toilet. A few days later, the girl gets into an accident and her leg has to be amputated. As she lies in hospital recovering, she looks down at her stump and discovers, to her horror, that a weird purple leg is growing there. Eventually, the leg takes over her entire body and kills her.

Yet another tale has the three-legged Licca-chan appearing by your bedside while you are sleeping at night. She holds a butcher knife in her hand and waits for you to notice her. When you do, she attacks you and cuts off your legs with the knife.

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  • Me and my family went to Japan. Looked for Licca-chan dolls but didn’t find any.

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  • @rainbow_ gamer wow…just wow. Ok, you were right but still wow. There are children on this website. Actaully, guys Licca- Chan dolls are very pretty

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