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Killing Game

Killing Game

The Killing Game is a scary activity for Halloween parties. This game is also known as Cutthroat Serial Killer.

Killing Game

To play The Killing Game, you need at least 5 people. It works better with as many people as possible.

Step 1: You have to select a serial killer. For games with 5 or more players, you should have one serial killer. For games of ten or more players, you should have two serial killers.

Take a deck of cards and pick out one card for each player in the game. One of the cards should be an Ace. Give each player a card. The person who gets the Ace is the serial killer. The rest of the people are villagers. Everyone should keep their card a secret and put it in their pockets.

The serial killer has to kill off as many villagers as they can without getting caught. The villagers have to figure out the identity of the serial killer and stop him before it’s too late.

Step 2: Turn off the lights and everyone has to spread out across the house. The serial killer has to murder villagers by sneaking up behind them and slitting their throats (actually sliding their hand across the victim’s throat).

When a villager is murdered, they have to drop to the floor on the spot. The serial killer can move the body to a hiding place if he wants. The serial killer has to make sure nobody sees him committing the murder and that he is not near the body when it is discovered.

Step 3: Everyone wanders around the house until one of the villagers finds the dead body. The villager who finds the freshly murdered corpse has to yell “Dead Body! Dead Body!”

The lights are turned on and everyone gathers around the dead body for a town meeting. The villager who found the dead body gets to be the Accuser. He or she can accuse one of the other villagers of being the serial killer. The person who is accused is the Suspect.

All of the villagers (except for the Accuser and the Suspect) must vote on whether they should kill the Suspect. If they vote Yes, then the Suspect is killed (the villagers mime killing the person).

They Suspect lies dead on the ground and one of the villagers searches through his pockets to find his card. If it was they were correct, the Suspect is carrying an ace and the Villagers have won the game. If they were wrong, the Suspect is out of play. The lights are turned off again and the game continues.

The villagers win when they identify and kill the serial killer. The serial killer wins when there is only one villager left alive.

Rules: The serial killer can only kill one villager per round.

People can only be killed when the lights are off.

Serial Killers cannot be the ones to discover a dead body.

“Every time I play this game, everybody gets totally freaked out, especially if the serial killers are good. It’s probably the best scary party game I’ve ever played. Don’t let anyone use a flashlight, as this lessens the scare factor.”

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