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Kakurenbo is a short Japanese horror anime from 2005 about a group of kids who play a dangerous game of hide and seek. They get stalked through the ruins of an abandoned by demons.


Kakurenbo is based on a Japanese game called “Otokoyo” which is similar to hide and seek. The children wear fox masks and the game takes place in the ruins of a forbidden city they call “Demon City”. There is an urban legend that the children who lose this dangerous game will disappear and it is believed that they are kidnapped by demons.

Kakurenbo follows a boy named Hikora, who is searching for his missing sister, Sorincha, who went missing after she played the game. He befriends another boy named Yaimao and they meet a new girl who Hikora belives may be his missing sister. He and Yaimao try to catch her, but she always remains just out of their reach.

As the strange statues throughout the Demon City seem to come to life, the game takes on a much more terrifying feel.

scary for kids


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