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Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

The Jigsaw Puzzle is a scary story about a young woman who loves to do jigsaw puzzles. It was told as a campfire story in the movie Dead Poets Society.

Jigsaw Puzzle

There was a young lady who lived on her own in a very remote area. She had no family or friends and she had never married. Her only joy in life was doing jigsaw puzzles. Every night she would sit by herself at her kitchen table and work on a new jigsaw puzzle until it was complete.

One dark and rainy night, she was moving furniture in her bedroom. When she pulled back her wardrobe, she found a dusty old box wedged down behind it. When she pulled out the box and dusted it off, she realized it was a jigsaw puzzle. The box cover was faded and she couldn’t make out the picture on it.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to put the puzzle together. She brought it down to her kitchen table and began to work on it.

But as she pieced the puzzle together, she realized, to her astonishment, that the image that was formed was the very room in which she was sitting. And the figure in the center of the puzzle, as she completed it, was herself. And with trembling hands, she placed the last four pieces and stared in horror at the puzzle.

In the picture, she saw herself sitting at the kitchen table and in the window behind her was the face of a crazed madman, grinning and brandishing an axe. Terrified, the lady didn’t dare to turn around. The last thing that the young lady ever heard was the sound of breaking glass.

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