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Japanese Horror Movies


  • I like Japanese movies, they have particular temperature of Japanese fear in their films

  • The grudge was like the best I LOVED them and I thought it was cool how the characters die in the next film

  • I have seen a lot of Japanese movies…the movie Ju-on the grudge scared me.

  • I wouldn’t call these movies as scary as they are just plain weird. The Japanese folklore however has gotten me in that scarred state as a child. To this point of my life now, they are just fun to read, I enjoy them. But I’m not going to be bias though. I enjoy many American slasher films, which they are proudly known for. If I want to experience some supernatural wonder, I lean toward the Japanese. When I want to see some blood and gore, U.S.A is my guy to see. But those from India when with both…

  • these look creepy… I know you wont believe this but its true i see a little girl in my mirror she stands there in a tattered white dress just staring at me… Im afraid she might one day come through the mirror…

  • They forgot the Grudge. It wasn’t very scary but the lady herself creeped me out and made me scared of Japan. She scarred me for life, lol XD


    the grudge ROX i watched the japanese version it is so CREEEEPY!

  • BettyQueenofScreams-
    dang it, you stole my suggestion of “Carved” :(. What about Juon? or… dang what’s it called… the tale of two sisters I think, or the anime classic perfect blue? THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE!

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