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Japanese Farting Girl

Japanese Farting Girl

The Japanese Farting Girl is an English translation of an ancient Japanese Folktale about a young man who gets married to a beautiful girl, only to discover that his wife has an embarrassing problem.

Japanese Farting Girl

Many years ago, in Japan, there was a young man who lived with his mother in a small house in the countryside. One day, a beautiful young girl came to the village and when the young man laid eyes on her, he immediately fell in love.

After a month, they got married and the girl moved into the house to live with him and his mother. At first, the young man thought he had found the perfect wife. She was pleasant and kind, she kept the house clean and she cooked delicious meals. his mother was very proud.

However, after a few months had passed, the young girl began to look pale and tired. She looked as if she was in terrible pain. When her husband noticed this and asked her what was wrong, she just smiled and said, “It is nothing. Please do not worry about me.”

One day, when the young man was at work, his mother took the girl aside and said, “You must tell me what is wrong. Every day you are growing more tired and sickly. I am very worried about your health.”

The girl looked very nervous. “I cannot tell you,” she sighed. “I am too embarrassed.”

The mother spoke to her gently. “If it is a woman’s problem, perhaps i can help. Please tell me. Do not be ashamed.”

“I… I need… I need to…” said the girl.

“Yes?” asked the old woman. “You need to… what?”

“I need to fart,” replied the girl, her cheeks turning bright red.

The mother was speechless.

“I haven’t farted since I arrived in the village,” continued the young girl. “I’ve been too embarrassed to fart, so I have been holding it in all this time.”

“If you need to fart, then don’t let anyone prevent you from doing so,” said the old woman wisely. “Fart away. Fart as much as you like. Fart now if you have to.”

“Are you sure,” asked the girl nervously.

“Yes,” replied the old woman. “Everybody farts. Why shouldn’t you?”

The young girl bent over slowly and lifted the hem of her kimono. She let rip the loudest and most powerful fart the old woman had ever heard. The force of the blast hit the woman in the chest and blew her out the front door. She flew through the air and landed in a field of radishes.

Later that day, the young man came home. His mother immediately told him what had happened. The young man was shocked and angry.

“This is a disaster!” he yelled. “I can’t have a wife who farts like that. I will become the laughing stock of the village. She can’t live with us a moment longer. I am going to return her to her family.”

The young girl cried bitterly, but the young man took no pity on her. His mother begged him to let the girl stay, but he wouldn’t listen to a word she said. Seething with rage, the young man grabbed his wife by the arm and dragged her out of the house.

As they traveled to the village where her family lived, they met three merchants on the road. The merchants were standing under a pear tree and were throwing stones at the pears, trying to make them fall down. Try as they might, the hungry men were unable to hit any pears.

Before the young man could stop her, his wife ran up to the merchants and said, “You’ll never get those pears to fall down by throwing stones at them. Let me help you.”

The merchants just laughed at her. “How can a young girl like you get those pears,” they asked.

The girl looked at her husband, then back at the merchants.

“I’ll fart them down,” she declared bravely.

The three men burst out laughing. The young man’s cheeks grew red. He was ashamed of his wife and turned his face away.

“Fart them down?” asked one of the men. “Don’t make fun of us.”

“Let’s see what she can do,” said another man. “If you get us those pears down for us, we’ll give you all our fine cloth and all three of our horses.”

The young girl agreed. She bent over and lifted the hem of her kimono.

“I am doing this because I love you,” she said to her husband.

Then, she farted with all her might. The merchants screamed and the young girl’s powerful fart blew them up into the air. The men landed in the branches of the pear tree and all the pears fell to the ground.

“You win,” said the merchants weakly.

The girl looked at her husband and pointed to the cloth and the horses. “All of this is for you,” she said.

The young man was deeply moved. he realized that his wife truly loved him and he decided that he must accept her farting.

“I’m sorry I rejected you,” he said. “Can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course,” his wife replied. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” said the young man.

That evening, the man and his wife returned home together. In the days that followed, he built a special iron room in the house where his wife could fart undisturbed and they lived happily ever after.

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