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I Need Money

I Need Money is a scary story about three best friends, one of whom is addicted to gambling. When he gets into debt, way over his head, he asks his friends for help.

I Need Money

The three of us grew up together. We were best friends. “Best friends until the end”. That’s what we always said. I was always the responsible one. Dave was the nerdy one. Jimmy was the wild one. He had a bad gambling habit. It was like an addiction. He couldn’t stop himself.

Poker was his game and he played for high stakes. The problem was, he was on a losing streak. He borrowed money left right and center, but he kept on losing. Pretty soon, he was in way over his head. He owed some very bad men a lot of money. “$30,000” he said. If he didn’t pay them, they would kill him.

He confided in us and explained the dire situation he was in. After all, we were his best friends. When he came to see us, he broke down sobbing. He desperately needed our help. “Best friends until the end,” we said. We agreed to help him in any way we could.

Jimmy had it all planned out. He said he had been watching the bank for almost a month. We were going to go in there wearing masks and take out the two security cameras with spray paint. Then, we would hold the place up. The safe would be locked on a timer, but there would be enough money in the tellers’ drawers. We would walk out with at least $50,000. That was more than enough to cover Jimmy’s debts. Dave and I would split the rest between us.

However, we never made it to the bank. As we were driving there, a van screeched to a halt in front of us and eight armed men got out. They kidnapped us at gunpoint and bundled us into the back of the van. We lay there on the floor as they tied our hands and feet. Jimmy looked back at us from the drivers seat. “Sorry guys,” he said. “The truth is, I need a lot more than $50,000 and the organ market is booming these days…”

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