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Hull House

Hull House

Hull House is a haunted location where a number of ghost pictures have been taken. The history of this museum in Chicago, Illinois includes a woman named Jane Addams and the weird tale of the Devil Baby.

Hull House

Hull House was built by Charles Hull in 1856. His wife died in the second-floor bedroom of the mansion and a few months after she passed away, her ghost was seen haunting that particular room. Overnight guests began having their sleep disturbed by footsteps and what they described as “strange and unearthly noises”.

In 1889, Hull House was bought by Jane Addams, a wealthy heiress who devoted her life to charity work. She spent twenty years at Hull House, founding a school that was established to help educate the poor immigrants who lived in Chicago’s tenements.

Jane Addams slept in Mrs Hull’s old bedroom, and was awakened one night by loud footsteps in the otherwise empty room. She was so frightened by the ghostly sounds that she moved to another bedroom. Jane Addams then asked a friend of hers to stay the night in the haunted room. The friend woke up during the night to find a ghostly apparition standing next to her bed. When she turned on the light, the figure vanished.

Other visitors who stayed in the haunted room also reported hearing the same ghostly footsteps and seeing the same frightening apparition. They believed that it was the ghost of old Mrs Hull and considered her to be rather sad and harmless.

Hull House became even more notorious when a rumor spread around Chicago that a hideous devil baby lurked within its walls. As the story goes, a poor Catholic woman put a picture of the Virgin Mary on her wall, but her husband tore it down, saying he would rather have the Devil himself in the house than that picture. Later, the woman became pregnant and gave birth to a creature that was said to have pointed ears, sharp horns, scale-covered skin and a tail.

According to the story, the husband took the terrible creature to Hull House and left it on the doorstep. Jane Addams took the devil baby in and cared for it as best she could. She even tried to have it baptized, but during the ceremony, the baby suddenly jumped out of the priest’s arms and began running around the church, dancing and cackling with glee. Not knowing what else to do with the child, Jane Addams kept it locked in the attic of Hull House.

Rumors about the devil baby spread quickly throughout Chicago and within a few weeks, hundreds of people were coming to Hull House to catch a glimpse of the wretched thing. Many people even offered to pay large amounts of money to see the devil baby.

Each day, Jane Addams had to turn more and more people away. She tried to convince them that the story was untrue. Even so, the poor immigrants who lived in Chicago still believed the tales of the Devil Baby of Hull House.

Today, many people still maintain that the story of the Devil Baby was partially true. They say the child was actually a terribly deformed baby that was brought to Hull House by a young woman who was unable to care for it properly. The pitiful child’s face looked so monstrous and shocking that rumors started about a Devil Baby at Hull House. They say that on certain nights, if you look closely at the outside of Hull House, you will see the ghostly face of that poor little deformed baby staring back at you from the attic window.

Hull House

This ghost picture was taken at Hull House in 1980. The photograph appears to show a pair of shadowy figures that lool like monks, standing on the staircase. One of the ghostly monks seems to have his hands together in prayer and another seems to be missing its head.

Hull House

In 2007, a married couple were visiting Hull House when they decided to snap a photo of the famous staircase with their cell phone camera. When they got home, they discovered they had inadvertently captured a ghost on camera.

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