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How To Become a Witch

How To Become a Witch

How To Become a Witch is a scary story about a naive young girl who wants to learn the black arts. It is based on an old Ozark folktale found in various sources as “How To Become a Witch”, “She Wouldn’t Be a Witch” and “Old Ferro”.

How To Become a Witch

There was a girl who wanted to be a witch. She went to see an old woman who was known in the area to dabble in the black arts.

“I want to become a witch,” the girl said.

“Meet me on Saturday night,” said the old woman, “and we’ll see about ordaining you into the witchhood.”

When Saturday night came around, the girl waited until her parents were asleep. Then, she slipped out her bedroom window and met the old woman at the bottom of the road.

“Where are we going?” the girl kept asking.

“Don’t you worry about that now,” the old woman replied.

They walked and walked and eventually, they came to a field. There was a group of women gathered around a bonfire and they were all dressed in black robes. They were chanting and dancing around the fire in some kind of ceremony.

There was a man standing nearby. He was wearing a mask that covered his face, but when the girl looked down at his feet, she saw that they were cloven hooves. She had a pretty good idea who he was and she began to get a little uneasy.

Soon, the women stopped dancing and formed a circle around the girl. It was time to begin the initiation. The old woman picked up a stick and made a ring in the dirt.

“Now, get into that ring,” she said.

“Now, squat down,” the old woman said.

The girl squatted down.

“Now, put one hand under your right foot and the other hand on top of your head,” said the old woman.

The girl put one hand under her foot and the other on top of her head.

“Now I’m going to make you a witch,” said the old woman. “Just repeat after me. Whatever I say, you say and don’t say anything except what I say.”

The girl nodded her head.

“Now,” said the old woman, “Say after me: All that’s between my hands belongs to Satan.”

The girl hesitated. Now she was having second thoughts.

The other witches gathered around her and kept whispering, “Say it! Go on, say it.”

Slowly, the girl began to speak. “All that’s between my hands belongs to Satan.”

“Now,” said the old woman, “Say after me: Devil take me, ring and all.”

Again, the girl hesitated. By now, she was really scared.

The other witches gathered closer and whispered, “Say it! Go on, say it.”

“Devil take me, ring and all,” said the girl.

All of a sudden, the ground began to sink right under her and the girl felt herself going right down. She was so scared, she jumped right out of the ring and ran away from that place as fast as she could. She didn’t even turn her head to look back, she just kept running and running.

She ran all the way home and climbed back into her bedroom window. As long as she lived, the girl never again wanted to become a witch.

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  • I think this is just a prank made by the women to scare the s### out of the girl! I thought this would the second part of ‘How to become a werewolf

  • Ha how did she get away so easily…surely there would have been a pursuit…unless, of course, they let her get away.

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