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House of Shadows

House of Shadows is a scary story about a girl who is house-sitting in a mansion when she sees something very strange on the TV. It is based on an episode of the TV series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and it is supposed to be a true story.

House of Shadows

A teenage girl named Ally Prescott wanted to make some extra money so she placed an ad in the local newspaper offering her services as a house-sitter.

She got a job right away and before she knew it, she was spending the night in a huge, expensive mansion. The owner was an architect named Lloyd Townsend and he was taking a month-long vacation in London with his wife, Madeline.

Ally though it was a beautiful house, but something about it gave her the creeps. While she was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, the channel suddenly changed.

It went to static and then she saw a video of a man in a basement, mixing cement. She could hear the sound of his shovel scraping on the concrete floor.

Scrape… Scrape… Scrape…

House of Shadows

She tried to change the channel but the man with the shovel was on every station. Feeling nervous, Ally plugged out the TV, but to her horror, she realized she could still hear the scraping sound.

“Is there somebody here?” she cried. “Who is doing this?”

House of Shadows

The scraping sounds seemed to be coming from the basement. Cautiously, she opened the basement door and made her way down the stairs. The scraping sounds were getting louder.

Scrape… Scrape… Scrape…

House of Shadows

When she turned on the lights, Ally noticed a video camera sitting on a shelf. It was still on and on the monitor, she could see the video playing. It was the man with the shovel. mixing cement.

House of Shadows

Then, she got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as the realization hit her. The video had been shot in the basement and she was standing on the exact same spot as the man in the video.

Just then, she noticed that one of the walls in the basement had been put up with fresh cement. The scraping sound was coming from behind the wall. She pulled out some of the bricks and to her surprise, she found a secret recess.

Peering through the hole, she saw a woman slumped in the corner. Her face was caked with blood and dirt and she looked like she was barely alive.

“Help me,” the woman moaned.

“Who are you?” Ally gasped.

“I’m Madeline Townsend,” the woman replied. “My husband buried me alive…”

House of Shadows

Ally ran back upstairs and called the police. When they arrived, they rescued the woman and brought her to hospital.

A few days later, Mr. Townsend was arrested in Europe and he was transported back to the United States to stand trial for attempted murder.

After that, Ally gave up house-sitting and went back to being a part-time waitress.


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