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House For Rent

House For Rent

House for Rent is a real ghost story told by lovevamps7. She says it is a true story that her boyfriend told her.

House for Rent

My boyfriend was studying for his B.Tech in Marine Engineering and was staying with some of his close friends. They lived in a two-storey building which the owner was renting out and there were 4 bedrooms in all.

The strange thing was, the owner never came to the house. He wouldn’t even come to collect the rent and the money was always paid into his bank account. Even the milkman and the newspaper man seemed to avoid entering the house.

It was a week after they settled in that one of them started behaving a bit abnormally. He seemed to have terrifying nightmares and was always scared to stay in th house alone. My boyfriend shared a room with his friend.

Things got out of hands one day, when one of his roommates felt sick and decided to stay back while the others went to class. Fortunately enough, my boyfriend forgot to take his instrument box and, with another of his roommates accompanying him, he went back to collect his belongings.

The moment they stepped inside the door, they heard a terrible groan as if someone was suffocating. They rushed to the room where his roommate was and bursting through the door, they saw the poor guy pinned to the bed, sweating profusely. His face was all red as if someone was strangling him by the neck.

My boyfriend gave a loud cry and the friend pinned to the bed lost consciousness. The doctor was called immediately and he gave the friend some medicine for his sickness.

That evening, when everybody returned and heard the news, the boy with the nightmares started shouting and saying he knew something was wrong with the house. He even mentioned a sad looking lady, he saw often, in a nightgown wandering in the room or in the kitchen.

It so happened that my boyfriend’s cousin was coming to visit them that day. His flight was delayed and he reached them that night. He was picked up from the airport by my boyfriend and one of his friends while the other two stayed home to look after the sick friend of theirs.

Upon reaching the building, his cousin refused to enter. He had a good sixth sense about these kinds of things and he asked my boyfriend to gather information about the house. So the three of them went to an old shop near the building and after making some small talk, his cousin directly asked the shopkeeper why the owner never comes to the house.

The shopkeeper hesitated a moment and then told them that the owner was a rich and cruel man who cheated on his wife constantly. When she found out about the extra-marital affairs, she confronted him about it and he strangled her to death and burned her corpse. He was so rich, he was able to bribe the police and the topic was hushed up and forgotten by all.

When they heard that, everything seemed to fall into place. The three of them rushed back to the house to tell the others. All six of them packed up their belongings and left. They never said anything to their juniors who wanted to know why they left that house out of fear that the man would come to know of it and harm them too. They just advised their juniors to stay away from that place for their own good. They don’t know what has happened to those who didn’t listen to them.

It was a bit unnerving to me as I don’t believe in stuff like this, but my boyfriend is not the type to make fun of these things, so I guess I just believe him.

(lovevamps says: SFK this is my first story. Hope you will post it. Sorry for the grammar. Friends, please do comment if you liked the story or not. It is a true story so I thought this was the best site to publish and share it =])

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