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Hollow Tree

Hollow Tree

The Hollow Tree is a scary story for kids about a group of friends who go hiking in the forest.

Hollow Tree

A group of teenagers went hiking in the woods. There were of them altogether – 3 boys and 2 girls. They walked for miles and eventually, they came to a clearing in the woods.

There was a huge oak tree in the middle of the clearing and it was hollow. One of the boys looked into the hollow tree and saw something white at the bottom. He reached in and pulled it out.

It was a note and when he unfolded it he found, written in large red letters, the words: “Three of you will die”.

The teenagers laughed it off. They assumed someone had left it there to play a trick on them.

It was getting late and the sun was going down, so they decided to set up camp in the clearing. They pitched their tents and built a fire to cook some food.

That night, one of the boys stayed up to keep watch while the other four went to sleep.

In the morning, when they woke up, they found that the fire had gone out and their friend was nowhere to be seen. They couldn’t understand why he would wander off.

Then, one of the girls noticed something high up in the branches of the hollow tree. There was a big leather bag and its handles were tangled in the branches. It was too high up for any of them to reach.

On the second night, another boy stayed up to keep watch while the other three went to sleep.

In the morning, the fire was out and the boy had disappeared. The other three began to get worried.

On the third night, one of the girls stayed up to keep watch and the other two went to sleep.

In the morning, the fire was out and the girl had disappeared. The two teenagers who were left were very scared. They stayed by the tent and wondered what they should do.

After a while, a forest ranger came by and the teenagers called out to him. They explained that their friends had gone missing and told him about the bag that was hanging in the tree.

The forest ranger grabbed his rifle, took aim at the bag and pulled the trigger. The bullet ripped through the handles and the bag fell to the ground.

When they opened the bag, they were horrified by what they found. Inside, were the severed heads of their missing friends.

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