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Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill is a haunted house in Illinois. It is also known as Crenshaw House, Crenshaw Mansion and The Old Slave House.

Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill was built in 1838 and was owned by John Crenshaw, a landowner and salt mine owner who committed shocking acts of cruelty. Crenshaw was in need of cheap labor to keep his business running. His solution was to kidnap black men, women and children – mostly freed slaves – and force them to work for him.

They were kept in the third floor of Hickory Hill in tiny, cramped cells. They were bolted to the floor and beaten mercilessly.

After the Crenshaws moved out of the house, the new owners began to experience paranormal activity. The souls said to occupy the house are those of the brutally tortured slaves once held captive within.

Almost everyone who has tried to spend a night in the attic has run terrified from the house before morning. The house was once open for tours, but is now owned by the state of Illinois and closed to all visitors.

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  • i hate hearing about slavery its so mean. i can’t believe ppl used to be so stupid and such idiots to have slaves if they want a job done they better get their lazy butts off the couch and do it themselves instead of getting slaves and treating them poorly,because those slaves were hard working ppl…

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