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Haunt the House

Haunt the House

Haunt The House is a fun online flash game where you play a ghost. You awaken to find your once quiet house is full of noisy party guests. Your job is to possess items around the house and scare everyone into leaving. The more you scare the people, the more powerful you become. Don’t frighten them too much though, they might freak out and do something stupid… like committing suicide!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move, Space bar to possess items and arrow keys to use powers.

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  • this time i scared 25 people and 5 people commited suicide. i cant understand, if theres something being pocessed by a ghost, why scream, running around in the same room?and instead of commiting suicide, just get the hell outta that house. by the way, nice place. i would love to live in that place if it wasnt for the ghost but atleast the ghost is cute!

  • Finished the game right now!

    These are the results:
    Out front door: 18/30 people
    You panicked: 12 people
    Time: 73:41
    Rank: C (It’s because I played this for the first time!)

  • Gotta play this right away!! *Opens a new tab and searches for ‘Haunt The House’*

  • YAASS!! It took me so long to get an A! I scared away 28 and only 2 died! I did it in 12 minutes.

  • My little sister’s favorite game :) I always end up scaring at least 7 or 8 people to death!

  • I played this once and LOVED it! 2 people suicided, someone of a heart attack and the rest ran away!

  • its venom :) but i lost my password lol but i frickn luv this game im addicted too it wow

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