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Hatchet House

Hatchet House

Hatchet House is a spooky urban legend about a street in Oklahoma City where the terrible murder of a young girl is supposed to have occurred.

Hatchet House

Hatchet House

There is supposedly a street in Oklahoma City called “Carey Place” where, rumor has it, a little girl named Carey was murdered and to this day late at night you can see her ghost walking around or playing in the backyard.

The story begins in the late 1950s when Little Carey stayed after school one evening to play on the swings. While playing there alone, she was spotted by a crazed man who was carrying an axe. He approached the little girl, but she managed to escape the insane man’s evil clutches and ran down the street, screaming for help.

The little girl ran from house to house, pounding on the doors and windows and begging the people inside to help her. Unfortunately, the residents were all too terrified to open their doors for the little girl and the axe-wielding murderer chased her down and caught her just as she reached her own home.

On her own front porch, Little Carey was murdered by the man with the hatchet. The killer chopped up her body and stuffed her remains inside a big flower pot that stood outside her front door.

According to the legend, the white porch of Little Carey’s house was completely covered in blood and no matter how many times her parents washed and scrubbed it, the stains could not be removed. To add to the spookiness, Little Carey’s body parts are said to be buried in the back yard of the Hatchet House and the neighborhood was renamed “Carey Place” in her memory.

But, shortly after the murder, something strange happened to every house on the block were the residents had ignored Carey’s desperate pleas for help as she fled from her killer. The people in those houses woke up one morning to find that their front porches had been painted red. People say that the porches were painted red by the ghost of Little Carey as a mark of their guilt in the girl’s death.

Today, people who have driven by the house in the daytime say that the area has an odd, creepy feeling and the windows of the Hatchet House have carvings in the shutters in the shape of hatchets. They also say the school’s swingset has been seen swinging on its own ever since. People have even reported hearing the haunting screams of the young girl echoing in the moonlit street.

Every Halloween, local children flock to the historic district of Carey’s Place, trying to find the notorious house with the hatchet cutouts on its shutters. They go from door to door trick or treating, but when people open their doors, instead of saying “Trick or Treat”, the kids ask “Can Little Carey come out to play?”

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