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Hanako San is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a young girl that’s supposed to haunt school toilets, opening and closing doors and scaring anyone who enters the bathroom, knocks on her stall, and calls her name.


Hanako, the ghost in the toilet almost achieved the status of a national phenomena in Japanese legend 20 years ago, when a wave of stories of ghost-sightings swept through the nation’s school yards.

Every child had a “Hanako” story to tell. The stories, of course, are many and varied but every schoolchild in Japan, at one time or another, has stood in dread and anticipation as he or she ventured into the school toilet alone.

This is similar to the legend of Kashima Reiko, a female ghost without legs who also lives in school bathrooms. She calls out “Where are my legs?” when people enter the bathroom. The correct way to answer her varies. In one version, you have to say: Kashima Reiko: KA = Kamen (Mask), SHI = Shinin (dead person), MA=Ma (Demon).

Yet another version features Aoi Manto or Aka Manto, a male ghost who waits in the last stall in the girls’ bathroom. Anyone entering the bathroom hears a voice asking, “Which do you prefer, the red paper or the blue paper?”

If they pick “red,” he kills them by slashing their back or neck repeatedly with a blade, to make them look like they’re wearing a red cape. If they pick “blue,” then they’re killed by hanging.

He’s known as Aka Manto, Aoi Manto, Aoi Hanten, Aka Kami, and Aoi Kami.

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  • Him: Red or blue?
    Me: White.
    Him: That’s not an option.
    Me: I don’t use dyed paper.
    Him: *stares and then poofs away*

  • A simple reply to AOI MANTO or AKA MANTO is here as follows:-

    Me:- *enters the last stall of bathroom*

    Aoi Manto:- Woahhh!!!! u scared the hell outta meeh!


    Aoi Manto:- I….i..i…….i..wanted…to…juzz…

    Me:- SHUT UP!!?! U CHEAP FELLOW!! HIDING IN GIRL’S TOILET JUST TO STALK GIRLS!!!YOU SHAMELESS IDIOT!!! GONNA KICK UR A## OUT! (please excuse my language) *punches him hard on face and knocks him dead*

    Me:- That’s the correct punishment for such shameless ghosts! geez….ghosts these days…

    Hope tht u like my short play….and luv u SFK

  • Hanako: Where are my legs?
    Me: How am I supposed to know?
    Hanako: Jeez I was just asking.
    Me: Then go ask someone else.
    Hanako: Ok boss, Bye Felicia!
    Me: Bye Felicia! Jeez i’m glad I got rid of her.

  • What’s with all these Japanese ghosts in bathroom stalls? The last one is also tricky. Aoi Manto: Which do you prefer, the red paper or the blue paper? Me: Umm *continues to stand there* Me: None Aoi Manto: *looks at me with confusion* Me: Well, now that I answered your question, I’m just gonna, ya know…leave *runs out*. Lol xD

  • There was also a school with a slide in the play ground that hanako san cursed and if your hand matches the hand print she left on the slide you will die

  • Reading 1 of the comments was scary about HlI being u know 💦💧💧🙀😦😧😟😰😱😨

  • It’s SCARY!!!!!!! tHE GIRL ITS SCARY and now I think I’m to scared to go o the bathroom

  • EXACTLY @slendy_iz_scary. What the hell would a dude be doing in the girls’ bathroom, I’m a girl and I think I will give HIM the red or blue or whatev paper.
    And what’s up with the bathroom stories

  • umm…. okay for the paper thing apparently colour determines people’s fates for some wicked reason o.o
    so i would love to have a cape but i would also like to see from a really good view x.x i’m confused why cant there be reception in bathrooms for the police!?!

  • how would she fit through the toilet pipes

    me: im going toilet
    her: omg im late and im stuck
    me: omg run!!!


  • and if the guy asks me what color I want im’a be like GET OUT OF THE GIRLS BATHROOM U FREAK!

  • If I saw that guy in the last stall i would give him a swirly! Btw i’m a girl so I’m gonna go in the last stall in my school bathroom and im’a be like Ako Manta u gotz some serious issuez! LOLZ XD

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