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Halloween Food

Halloween Food

Halloween food ideas for kids and adults at parties. Check out these easy Halloween recipes for creepy finger food, spooky treats and scary snacks.

1. HorrOreos

Halloween Food Ideas

This chocolate cheesecake graveyard uses crushed Oreos for dirt, candy pumpkins and gummy worms.

2. Halloween Snacks

Halloween Food Ideas

3. Dead Man Meatloaf

Halloween Food Ideas

4. Witch Finger Food

Halloween Food Ideas

5. Halloween Lasagna

Halloween Food Ideas

6. Ghostly Shepherd’s Pie

Halloween Food Ideas

7. Icy Hand in the Halloween Punch

Halloween Food Ideas

Scary Halloween Food Puns

1. Ghoulash
2. Spaghetti and Eyeballs
3. Nosfertofu
4. I Scream Sundae
5. Booberry Pancakes
6. Stir-Fright Rice
7. Ghostess Cupcakes
8. Monster Mashed Potatoes
9. Grim Brulee
10. Rest in Peas
11. Dracu-lasagna
12. Children of the Cornflakes
13. Haunt Dogs
14. Hallo-wieners
15. Baked Zom-beans
16. Bangers and Slash
17. Squeal Parmigian
18. Spook-ghetti and Meatballs
19. Severed Head of Lettuce
20. Gabba-Ghoul
21. Le-monster Merangue Pie
22. Frankenstein-furters
23. Tomb-ato Soup
24. Pork and Brains
25. Black Catserole
26. Scorned Beef
27. Corn on the Cobweb
28. Frosted Cereal Killer
29. Turnips and Beets you to death…
31. Garrote Cake
32. T-Bone Stake
33. French Fries the 13th
34. Poop Tarts
35. The Creature From the Black Legume
36. Burial Ground Beef
37. Last House on the Left-overs

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  • They might be tasty, but just looking at those pics killed my hunger. I thought the recipe would be given here but now…. I Ain’t eating anything.

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