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Halloween Cemetery

Halloween Cemetery

The Halloween Cemetery is a scary story about a group of teenagers who play with a ouija board in a graveyard on Halloween night.

Halloween Cemetery

The story goes that, a few years ago, a group of friends planned to spend Halloween in a cemetery close to where they lived. There were two boys, named Carlos and Miguel, and two girls named Paola and Rocio. They were all 16 years old.

Initially, when they heard the idea, the girls refused to go. Paola said she had a bad feeling about it. However, the boys managed to convince them to change their minds.

Finally, Halloween night arrived and the teenagers met at Miguel’s house and drove to the cemetery together. When they arrived, there was so much fog that they could hardly see. The cemetery gates were locked.

Standing outside, they heard strange and eerie sounds coming from the graveyard. The girls were scared and suggested that they go home. Rocio said that she regretted agreeing to the idea in the first place because she had a feeling that something terrible was going to happen, but the boys refused to let them leave.

“Don’t be a baby,” scoffed Miguel. “We didn’t travel this far to just look at the cemetery gates and go home. It’s Halloween. Devil’s night. ”

Carlos was about to climb over the cemetery gates, but when he grabbed hold of the metal bars, the gate swung open in front of him with an ominous creak.

Suddenly, they heard the bells of the nearby chapel striking midnight. In the distance, a dog howled and the moon was obscured by clouds. The wind rose up and began to whistle through the trees. Miguel took a ouija board out from under his coat.

“It’s time to summon the spirits,” he said with a mischievous grin.
“Don’t worry, it’s just a game,” said Carlos, trying to reassure the two girls. “Nothing will happen. There’s nothing to be scared of.”

The group of teenagers walked into the cemetery and when they reached a small tomb in the middle, they stopped. Miguel laid the ouija board on top of the cold stone and they all gathered around it. They placed their fingers on the planchette and Miguel called out to the spirits to contact them.

After a few minutes, the pointer began to move and they made contact with a spirit. It claimed to be the ghost of a girl named Sarita who was buried in the cemetery. The boys and girls asked the spirit many questions and the answers were spelled out on the board.

All of a sudden, Rocio felt something cold and clammy grab hold of her wrist. She let out a horrified scream. The teenagers were spooked and decided to end the game, but the spirit of the girl told them not to. The spirit said they had to keep playing or everyone would die.

Miguel ignored the spirit’s warning and snapped the ouija board shut. They were about to leave when it suddenly became very dark. The teenagers could barely see anything in the cemetery. A strong wind rose and it blew through the tombstones. Statues fell from their perches and shattered on the ground.

When she saw this, Rocio freaked out and began to run. She couldn’t see anything and stumbled blindly through the darkness. She accidentally tripped and fell into an open grave. She landed on her head and broke her neck.

Carlos ran out through the cemetery gates and stumbled into the road. Suddenly, a car came around the corner and slammed into him, killing him instantly and squashing his body into a bloody mess.

Paola and Miguel managed to get back to the safety of their homes. Paola was so scared that she decided to take a bath to calm herself down before she went to bed. However, when she was getting into the tub, she accidentally bumped into her cell phone and knocked it into the water. Unfortunately, her phone was plugged into the charger and Paola was electrocuted.

The next morning, Miguel woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. His parents were waiting for him and broke the bad news. Miguel was surprised and frightened to learn of the deaths of all his friends. He knew he was next, but he didn’t know what to do.

Fearing for his life, he was desperate to get away. He went straight to the airport and took the first flight to Argentina. He was shaking with fear, but he managed to board the plane without any incident. However, when the plane took off, the engines failed and it crashed into the sea. His body was never recovered.

Legend has it that, after these incidents, no one ever again dared to visit the cemetery on Halloween night…

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