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Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy is a scary Halloween story about some kids who come trick or treating on Halloween night.

Halloween Candy

Last Halloween, I was waiting at my front door, giving out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters all evening. Some children came alone, some were accompanied by parents. When they held out their bags, I happily dropped the sweets and treats inside. As it grew dark, things started to die down. When it seemed like nobody else was going to come, I decided to call it a night.

I was just about to turn my porch light off and go to bed when there was a knock at my door. It seemed much too late for children to still be out, but I grabbed a handful of candy and opened my door.

There were two children standing on my porch, but they weren’t wearing costumes. They were the strangest children I had ever seen in my life. Their skin was waxy and ghostly white. Their eyes were completely black. Their teeth were jagged and too big to fit in their mouths. The entire look was more disturbing than anything I had seen before. But their clothes were just plain, ordinary shirts and pants.

Confused, I asked them, “What are you supposed to be? Some kind of monsters?”

“No”, said the children as their mouths widened into broad, leering grins. “Tonight we’re dressed as humans.”

Filled suddenly with a chilling sense of impending doom, I slammed the door and locked it tight. Through the peephole, I could see the two strange trick-or-treaters standing outside the door, motionless. Then they began pounding on the door and telling me to let them in. The door shook and seemed like it was about to fall off its hinges. Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

When I looked out through the peephole, they were gone. The street outside was deserted.

I don’t know about you, but this Halloween, I won’t be opening the door for anyone.

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