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Hairy Woman

Hairy Woman

The Hairy Woman is a scary story for kids about a man who encounters a female bigfoot. It is based on an old Native American legend known as The Yeahoh.

Hairy Woman

Once upon a time, a man was out hunting in the wilderness. He got lost and was wandering about aimlessly, unable to find his way home. He wandered for days and days until he was so weak and hungry he couldn’t walk any longer.

It was growing dark. Night was falling, it began to get very cold. The man noticed a big hole in the rocks. It was a deep, dark cave and he crawled inside to get warm. He gathered some leaves for a pillow, then curled up in a corner of the cave and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, he was awoken by a strange noise. It seemed to be coming from the back of the cave. The man sat up and listened. He heard a loud “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp” as if something was chewing on something.

The man turned on his flashlight and was shocked to see a huge hairy woman crouching there. She was completely naked and her body was covered from head to toe in dark hair. She was munching on the carcass of a large deer, pulling off the legs, tearing off the meat and eating it raw.

The man was afraid at first, but the hairy woman didn’t attack him. She just continued eating. After a while, she tore a leg off the deer and offered it to him. The man was very hungry, so he nervously accepted it.

He got up, collected some dry sticks and built a small fire at the mouth of the cave. Then, he roasted the meat over the fire until it was cooked and ate it.

The man stayed in the cave with the hairy woman for a few more days. She would go out hunting and come back with a deer carcass. She dug into the deer’s hide with her big long fingernails and skinned it. Then, she tore the carcass to pieces with her powerful hands. The man would take the big pieces of deer meat and roat them over a fire.

After several days, the hairy woman learned how to roast the meat herself. She got so used to eating roasted meat that she wouldn’t eat it raw anymore.

The man stayed in the cave through the winter. The hairy woman got pregnant and gave birth to a little baby boy. One side of it was hairy and the other side was normal.

One time, after the hairy woman left to go hunting, the man followed her to see what she was doing. He went out to the edge of the cliff and looked down. He saw two or three dozen hairy people coming up the hill. The hairy woman was pushing them back. They wanted to see what was in the cave and she wouldn’t let them. The man was scared to death. He was afraid the hairy people were going to kill him. The hairy woman made them go back down the mountain and the man was very relieved.

Eventually, the man decided he had to leave the cave and go back home. He began to build a small boat that would be able to take him down the river.

When his boat was ready, the man didn’t tell the hairy woman he was going to leave. He just ran down to the water’s edge, jumped into the boat and set sail. As he was drifting away, the hairy woman came running. She was clutching her child in her arms.

She started crying and hollering, wanting him to stay.

“No, I’m tired of living in a cave,” the man said. “I’m going back to civilization again.”

When she realized he was leaving for good, the hairy woman grabbed the child, tore it in half and threw the hairy part at him.

The man sailed on and left the hairy woman standing there, clutching the other half of her child. And that’s the end of the story.

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  • I usually eat deer because I went hunting and found like tons of deer. Yum- well until you ruined it. This is the most disgusting thing ever! Is it his baby? Why would she rip the baby apart? OMG I’m vomiting.

  • Dear whoever wrote this story

    Ehmm…YOU ARE REALLY MESSED UP did she get pregnant 0-0

    B.why did she rip it in half

    C.i am. Very hungery

  • whoever wrote this seemed to be.. how do i put it? not bothered at the end of the story and just chucked in a random chunk??? not impressed…..

  • What ? Seriously ? Anyways, the ending could have been like the hairy part of the child was still alive and it regrew its lost part very fast in front of the man so that the child was fully hairy. The man got so scared that he list his oar or something and the river began to move very fast so that the boat overturned and both died. Meanwhile the normal part of the child which was with the hairy woman shuddered for a few seconds and then died. The hairy woman was so griefstricken that she jumped down a mountain and died. The two of the them meet in heaven where they live happily ever after with the hairy child. The End. And I know that this is really very stupid. ;P

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