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Green Lady

Green Lady

The Green Lady is a ghost story and urban legend about a cemetery in Burlington, Connecticut that is haunted by the ghost of a lady in green who drowned in the nearby swamp.

The Green Lady

The story of the Green Lady begins with a woman named Elizabeth who lived with her husband in a house next to the cemetery. During a particularly bad winter her husband left their house to get food and supplies. Unfortunately the storm was so bad that he was delayed for a few hours.

Meanwhile Elizabeth had grown concerned and had taken it upon herself to venture out into the storm and find her husband. She got lost in the marshy woods and accidentally wandered into the swamp. She became trapped in the quicksand-like mud and slowly sank down, crying out for help.

Her husband was making his way back to the house, carrying a lantern to guide him, when he came upon his wife, sinking up to her neck in the marshy swamp. For whatever reason, the husband refused to help her, no matter how much she pleaded with him. He simply stood and watched as his wife sank deeper and deeper, ignoring her screams for help.

Eventually, the water rose above her head and Elizabeth drowned in the murky waters of the swamp.

Since then, witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman walking on the dirt road surrounded in green mist. They say the haunted cemetery is home to Elizabeth’s ghost and that she has returned to haunt her husband until his death. Her ghost drove him insane as revenge for watching her die.

But she did not leave after the death of her husband. Many residents in the area have sighted her in the past thirty years. A young couple taking pictures in the graveyard, saw a green mist over one of the graves. When they checked later, they found that this was the grave where Elizabeth was buried.

A group of teens driving through the haunted cemetery were surprised by a green mist that suddenly appeared in front of the car, and caused them to swerve and crash into a tree.

A mysterious light is often seen near the swamp. Those who have seen it describe it as a lamp or lantern that doesn’t move at all. It just remains motionless by the side of the swamp. Locals believe that this is a lantern held by the ghost of Elizabeth’s husband, coldly watching his wife drown. A group of friends walking through the cemetery said they were chased out by a mysterious man holding a lantern.

If you drive by the cemetery, you can see a painting hanging through the window. They say this is the Green Lady’s portrait. Locals say that even though the old house is abandoned, the portrait is still lit, bathed in an eerie green light.

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  • The Green Lady was very beautiful. I don’t know why her husband would just let her die like that :( I swear, if I had a husband like that, I would seek my revenge as well!

  • seriously-i jst want to set a profile pics for my hotmail PD,i typed ‘green lady’and then i press on the pics of that lady and this thing poke up-i dont know wat to do so i jst read it-its gonna haunt me!

  • I would like to go there, just to see if she truely exists. Hope she does… :)

  • What a squib, leaving his wife!
    I still feel anger.
    Bloody hell, if I were left in a marsh to die, while being watched by my own bloody spouse, I’d be fired too.
    So I really don’t blame the Lassie for killing the visitors.
    Guess she was angry enough, eh?

  • note to self: never EVER go to burlington, connenitcut and go to the cemetary.

    and another thing…i read this and all but the pictures didn’t pop up. and jazzygirl28…did the pics really make ur heart jump?!?!?! how scary r the pics???

  • her husband should of helped her i mean would you just watch someone die when you know you could have helped them?

  • she will probably try to kill you by scaring the shed out of you like you can take out an ipod and play it by annoying her from scaring the shed out of you or turing on your tv or calling testing you friend or whatever like annoying not paying attention to her cause she just trying to scare the crap out of you for you can die i dont if that will really work

  • wow i really want to see that. but knowing myself ill probably get killed :\

  • For whatever reason, he chose not to help her. So, in punishment for watching her die, she made him insane and killed him.

  • omg scarystorylover i went too but i didn’t see her but a greenish fog-like thing and i felt compelled to wander towards it….which would have been bad as it was hovering over a lake thank god my boyfriend stopped me!!!!

  • CREEPY! I was a summer club thing adn we went to a castle and beside it was a swamp and my friend said Thats were the green lady is. Reading this makes me shiver.

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