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Grave Digger

Grave Digger

The Grave Digger is a funny scary story about a man who works in the local cemetery. Late one night, he hears a bell ringing in the graveyard.

Grave Digger

Years ago, many people feared that they would accidentally be buried alive. Coffins were sometimes built with holes in them, attached to a six foot long copper tube. A bell was hung over the grave and the cord attached to it led down, through the earth, into the coffin.

If someone was mistakenly buried without actually being dead, they could breathe through the copper tube and ring the bell to alert the grave digger that they were still alive.

In a certain small town in the United States, the local grave digger heard a bell ringing one night. He was accustomed to hearing bells ring in his graveyard. Sometimes it was just local children playing a prank. Other times it was just the wind. This time, he was shocked to see that the cord ringing the bell was being pulled from deep underground.

The grave digger put his ear to the top of the copper tube and listened. He heard a faint voice from below begging and pleading to be released from the grave.

The man looked at the name on the headstone. “Are you Sarah Bannon?” he asked.

“Yes!” the muffled voice cried.

“Were you born on September 17, 1907?” asked the grave digger.

“Yes!” came the answer from deep below.

“The headstone says you died on February 20, 1858.”

“No, I didn’t die” cried the voice. “I’m still alive. They made a mistake! Dig me up! I beg you!”

The grave digger detached the bell from its cord to silence it and plugged up the copper tube with dirt.

“Sorry, Lady”, he said. “This is 1959. Whatever you are down there, you sure as hell ain’t alive no more, and you sure as hell ain’t comin’ up!”

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  • Ok. Everyone be like, “oh it was misprinted,” but I be like, “WHAT DID SHE EAT FOR A YEAR DEAD GRAVEDIGGERS I GUESS” so this dude be smart

  • OOH! Now I get it. The thing keeping her alive were the dead bodies of the grave diggers she killed. Because, she “died” in the 1800’s. Now listen to that! Hello audience! Dr.Rachel here! So people have been asking me lately, “Dr.Rahel what is the most common way to live a long life?” My answer: Get buried alive and feed of the bodies and blood of innocent people who tried to dig you up!

  • so even if it’s misprinted of 1958 and it’s already 1959..what would she eat down there for a year to kept her alive??

  • Guys, the lady was born on September 17, 1907. She was buried on February 1958 but due to some error, the grave stone mis printed 1958 to 1858… Probably the month was also wrong, so when the woman woke up, she rang the bell. But the grave digger, like the idiot he is, refused to help her. So, she was buried alive. Well, that’s pretty f###ed up. But amusing too.

  • If she was in coma for months…? She woke up that very day. He should have realesed her

  • Awkward… The women’s Birthday is the same day as my Aunts, not year… Haha… Her death day is the same day as mine!! I gasped… So coincidental…

  • Nice.
    I can see why he wouldn’t dig her up – she had been down there for months. That’s simply not possible. She would have to be a ghost or something, because if she was really alive when she was buried, she would have rang the bell only a few days after.

  • wat da anyway i think she is dead cause she’s been there for years and why didn’t she ring the bell before 1859? she shoud’ve ring the bell at like 1896 or something like that

  • yea lol…. but the guy still is kind of an ass :( what if the woman was buried with a secret stash of food??? lol :)

  • Wait I think it’s because she has been buried for months and would have starved by now so she must have been dead.

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