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Grandpa is a scary ghost story about a teenage boy who falls in love with a girl and wants her to move away with him. However, the girl is reluctant to leave her grandfather all alone.


I remember a ghost story that was featured on a Japanese TV show when I was a kid. They said it was a true story. I remember how much it scared me years ago, but I don’t know if you will find it as eerie as I did. It went something like this…

There was a teenage boy who lived in a small town in Japan. He was kind of a nerd and belonged to the photography club in his high school.

There was a girl in his school that he was in love with, but she didn’t even know he existed. She was popular in school and everybody liked her. She lived in a small house on the outskirts of town with her grandfather. The old man was disabled and the girl had to take care of him.

Every day, the boy would admire her from afar, but he was always too embarrassed to talk to her. One day, he finally worked up the courage and sat beside her in the cafeteria.

The boy told her he was doing a project for the photography club and asked her if she would pose for some photos. They spent a lot of time together and gradually, they fell in love.

After graduating from high school, the boy got a job offer in another city. He decided to move and invited the girl to come with him. She said she would like to come, but she couldn’t leave her grandfather. The old man was ill and unable to care for himself.

On the day he was leaving, the boy drove over to her house to say goodbye to her. When he arrived, the girl was waiting outside with her suitcase.

She jumped into his car and said, “Let’s go!”

“But, what about your Grandpa?” asked the boy.

“Grandpa will be alright,” the girl replied happily. “He doesn’t need me anymore.”

The boy was suspicious, so he went into her house and looked around. He found her grandfather lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

The boy was horrified and let out a startled scream. Then he turned around and saw that the girl was standing behind him. She had a bloody knife in her hand and she was smiling.

“Shhhh,” she said. “Don’t wake grandpa. He is sleeping now.”

The boy fled, screaming in horror. He jumped into his car and took off, never looking back. He went to Tokyo, started his new job and tried to forget all about what he had seen.

Ten years later, it was all a distant memory. Then, one day, he received a letter. His old schoolmates were having a class reunion and he was invited. All the old memories came flooding back.

He decided to venture home.

At the high school reunion, he met all of his old friends. They drank and told stories. All the time, he tried to have fun, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his old girlfriend. He couldn’t get her face out of his mind and he couldn’t forget the sight of her grandfather’s bloody corpse.

He asked everyone what happened to the girl, but nobody seemed to remember her. They didn’t even remember her name. He showed them pictures he had taken of the girl, but still nobody seemed to recognize her.

One of the older teachers at the reunion vaguely recalled a murder that happened in the town. She said a young girl had murdered her grandfather. “But that all happened over 60 years ago,” she said.

He left the reunion and drove out to where the girl’s house had been, but there was nothing there. It was just a forest and there wasn’t even a trace of where the house had once stood…

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