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Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a scary fairy tale. It is based on an old story recorded by British poet Robert Southey in 1837 called “The Story of The Three Bears”. Instead of a cute young girl with blond hair, it featured an ugly, dirty old woman with silver hair who curses and swears.


Robert Southey’s 1837 adaptation of the folktale features three bears who lives in a house, eating porrige, sitting on chairs and sleeping in beds, just like humans. One day, while the bears are out of a walk, an old woman breaks into their house.

She could not have been a good, honest old Woman; for first she looked in at the window, and then she peeped in at the key-hole; and seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch.

The old woman eats their porrige and swears at the pot.

the naughty old Woman said a bad word about the little porridgepot, because it did not hold enough for her.

Then, she sits on one of their chairs and when it breaks under her weight, she curses that too.

And the naughty old Woman said a wicked word about that too.

When the bears return, they find their house in ruins and the ugly old woman asleep in one of their beds.

and upon the pillow was the little old Woman’s ugly, dirty head – which was not in its place, for she had no business there.

The old woman wakes up and when she sees the bears standing over her, she jumps out the window.

Out the little old woman jumped; and whether she broke her neck in the fall; or ran into the wood and was lost there; or found her way out of the wood, and was taken up by the constable and sent to the House of Correction for a vagrant as she was, I cannot tell. But the Three Bears never saw anything more of her.

scary for kids


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