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Glitch in the Matrix

Glitch in the Matrix 2

More glitch in the matrix stories to creep you out. These are scary true tales of weird or unexplained events that happen to real people. It could be strange coincidences, a moment of deja vu, a premonition or just something completely freaky.

Glitch in the Matrix

Lost ID

My friend and I were in New York and he lost his wallet. He had to go through the process of getting a new ID card, driver’s licence, debit card, credit card, etc. Everything had to be replaced.

Six months later, my friend and I were stationed in Connecticut. One night, we decided to explore an abandoned insane asylum that was nearby. It was called Norwich State Hospital and it was about 10 miles up the road from our base. By the time we got there, it was after 9 PM.

It was an old abandoned mental hospital that looks as creepy and unsettling as any old abandoned mental hospitals you can imagine. On the walls inside the cells, there were scratches and desperate pleas for help written by former patients. The place is creepy enough in the daytime and everyone knowa not to go there at night because that’s when the ghosts come out.

While we were exploring, I needed to go to the toilet. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, so I went into the forest and took a pee. When I walked back to rejoin my friend, I saw something lying on the ground. I picked it up and shined my flashlight on it. I was my friend’s ID.

“Why did you bring your ID?” I asked him.

“I didn’t,” he replied. “It’s in the car.”

I handed the ID to him and he took a look at it. When he realized what he was holding in his hands, his face went pale. It was the ID that he had lost six months before in New York.

We ran out of there so fast! I’ve never run like that before in my life. We got back to the car and drove off. We were so freaked out that we decided to go a local diner, get some food and calm ourselves down. We thought it was around 11 PM. When we got to the diner it was closed. We looked at our watches. It was 4 AM. Somehow 5 whole hours had gone by without us noticing.

The Toilet in the Museum

When I was 9 years old, my dad took me to the museum. We were walking around looking at the Dinosaur exhibition, when I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom really bad. I told my dad, “I’m just going to the toilet! Back in a minute!” and I rushed off. I went into the bathroom. It was empty. I did my business, washed my hands and walked out the door. However, when I walked out the door, I found myself at the Space exhibition, not the Dinosaur one. I thought maybe I had come out the wrong door, so I ran back into the bathroom and looked around. There was no other door, just the urinals and the toilet cubicles. That was when I started to freak out. I started pushing on the walls randomly, hoping for some kind of door. There was only one way in and one way out. I decided to try and find someone to help me. I walked out the door and BOOM… I found myself back in the Dinosaur exhibition. My dad was standing there, waiting for me. “What took you so long?” he asked. I don’t know what happened that day, but could it have been… a glitch in the matrix?

Talking in His Sleep

One night, I was sleeping at my cousin’s house. We were sharing the basement. I woke up around 3 AM and it was pitch dark. I remember looking around the room as my eyes adjusted to the darkness and thinking to myself, “I wonder if anyone else is awake…” Just then, my cousin who was fast asleep said, “Yes, I am.”

Four Trees, Three Trees

There were four trees in the yard beside my house. For as long as I can remember, there were always four trees. One day, I came home from work and there were three. There was no sign of a tree being uprooted and there was no stump. The spot where the tree should have been was grown over with grass as if nothing had ever been there.
This has been bugging me for months now. I went through old pictures we took of the house, but despite taking hundreds of pictures, there are none of that side of the house. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Followed Home

I was driving home from work one night when I saw lights in my rearview mirror. For some reason I felt like the car behind me was following me, and I began to feel anxious. The entrance to my neighborhood has two directions once you turn in. I lived to the right, but I decided that I was going to turn left instead, to see if the car behind me would follow. They also turned left. Getting more worried, I decided to take random turns down a number of side streets in the neighborhood. Each time, the car behind took the same turns. I was convinced they were following me. Finally, I turned onto a dead end street and there was nowhere else to go. I pull over at a random house and turned my lights off. As I watched, the car behind me turned into the driveway of that very same house. The car doors opened and a family got out. They walked up to the house, unlocked the front door and went inside. Somehow, I had randomly pulled over at the house where they lived. To this day, I have no idea how that happened.

Cheating in my Dreams

I had been going out with my girlfriend for two years. One night, I had a weird dream. In the dream, I was in my bedroom and I was kissing another girl. I knew I was cheating on my girlfriend, but didn’t care. Just then, I looked over at the window and I saw my girlfriend. She was just standing there, staring at us and crying hysterically. All of a sudden, I woke up. I thought it was a weird dream and it seemed so vivid, but I just tried to forget about it. A few days later, my girlfriend and I were hanging out in my bedroom. She started teling me about a weird dream she had a few days before. In the dream, she was standing at the window of my bedroom, looking in crying hysterically because she was watching me kiss another girl. It was my exact dream, except it was from her point of view. It freaked me out so much that I never told her about it.

Choked To Death

One night, I had a dream that my wife and I were at my stepdaughter’s school. There was a Halloween event and all the parents were there. We were just standing there when, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my wife’s ex-husband came charging around a corner. He was in a rage and he came running at me and attacked me.

I had to defend myself. I wrestled with him and got him on the ground, but he wouldn’t stop. I put my hands around his neck and started choking him. Just then, I saw his eyes go glassy and his body go limp. I realized I had accidentally choked him to death. I was horrified. That was when I woke up.

The dream really freaked me out. It had seemed so real. I asked my wife if there was a Halloween event at the school. She said there was and all the parents had to attend. I told her that if her ex-husband showed up, I was going to leave, because I was terrified that my dream might come true.

So on the night of Halloween event, my wife and I went to the school. Nothing happened. Her ex-husband never showed up. I was relieved. After all, it was just a crazy dream. That night, when we got home, my wife received a phonecall telling her that her ex-husband had committed suicide. I got the chills.

It turned out he had hung himself. He wrapped a belt around his neck and choked himself to death. It happened while we were at the Halloween event at the school.

I Was There But Not Really There

I’m going to university in a big city. One morning, I was supposed to have a lecture at 9:00, but I forgot to set my alarm and overslept. The strange thing was that, while I was asleep, I had a dream in which I was walking down the street, towards the university. It was very blurry and windy and it felt like I was there, but not really there. I saw one of my friends across the street. He waved at me, but I kept going without acknowledging him. All of a sudden, I heard a beeping sound and I jolted awake. I looked at my phone and saw that I had one unread text message. It was from the very same friend I saw in my dream. The text message read: “I just saw you in the street. Why were you acting like you don’t know me?” My friend came over that evening. He said he had seen someone who looked exactly like me. When I told him about my dream, he was slightly disturbed. Ever since then, I’ve been at a loss to explain what happened.

Life After Death at The Mall

One day, I was sitting in class, looking at the clock when I suddenly experienced the most intense and vivid daydream I have ever had. It was the future. I was grown up and I was walking through the mall with a woman I had never met before, but I knew she was my girlfriend. As we were walking and talking, some guy brandished a gun and started randomly shooting people. Before I had the chance to react, I felt something hit me in the chest. When I looked down, I was standing over my own body and there was a pool of blood spreading out around me.

I watched the chaos of the scene unfold in real time. My girlfriend was cradling my body and screaming in horror. I was trying to comfort her. I watched the police shoot and kill the crazed gunman, then the other emergency workers cleared the scene. I watched them remove my body. I tried to follow, but I was unable to leave the mall.

I was a ghost and I haunted the mall for years. As a spirit I was bored, so I would mess with the security guards during the night shift. During the business hours I would try to interact with the customers. Every now and then I would get someone to acknowledge me. Sometimes they would nod hello, or walk around me so we wouldn’t collide. I remember an elderly man sitting on one of the resting benches have a heart attack. As he was standing over his body, I walked over to comfort him. I had an overwhelming feeling that it wasn’t his time to die and when I told him so, he sank back into his body as the emergency workers were resuscitating him.

One day I was sitting on one of the resting benches, and a young boy about the age of six or seven years old sat down next to me. He started talking to me, and when he did, I felt something weird happen. I knew I was to leave with him. I became his invisible friend. His name was Brian, and he was an only child, of a single mother. She was an abusive alcoholic. I helped him survive life. I taught him not to talk to others about me so they wouldn’t think he was crazy. I experienced being with Brian for years. When he was about ten years old, his mother came home drunk. She went into a drunken tirade and hit Brian. I lost my temper, and was able to slam her into the wall. She never hit him again.

I watched him grow up to a teenager, and when he was eighteen, I knew that my time with him had come to an end. We said our goodbyes, and just like that, the daydream was over. I looked at the clock and maybe a minute had passed. I had experienced just short of two decades of existence as a ghost in only one minute of time.

The Golf Balls

One year, for Christmas, I received a pack of 3 bright orange golf balls. They were labelled 1,2 and 3 in black text, so you could always tell which ball was missing. One afternoon, I was playing golf in the back yard when I hit one of the balls too far. It landed in a bush. I went into the bush and found the ball immediately. It was sitting on a pile of leaves. The strange thing was, when I looked at all three balls, something was wrong. The numbers on the balls were 1,2 and 2. I searched everywhere, for over an hour, looking for the number 3 ball, but I couldn’t find it. To this day, I still have a 1, a 2 and a 2. I believe that, in some alternate dimension, there is probably a version of me who is also very puzzled because he has a 1, a 3 and a 3.

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  • I had a dream recently where my crush, her best friend, my best friend, and I where stuck in an elevator. Luckily I managed to get them out of the elevator. All of a sudden I was watching someone play guitar and my crush started to “come on” to me. It was this amazing moment for me. Later, towards the end of the concert I was talking to her and her best friend shushed me.

    Today at my rehearsal my crush, her best friend, my best friend and I went in an elevator. The elevator stopped suddenly but I wedged the door open and we were right below the third floor. We climbed out (just like in my dream.) Later one of the other actors brought his guitar and started playing a song. My crush started to flirt with me and we had this amazing moment together. Later towards the end of the song I said something to her and her best friend shushed me.

  • My grandma told me that she had a dream about a plane crashing (I dont know the name of the plane) we were watching the news in the living room and just then something came on about a plane crashing, and my grandma told me that it was the same plane that crashed in her dream. I thought this was very disturbing because my grandma started crying because of it. o.0

  • I really like that mall one. Now cause of that. I think all ghost aren’t bad. They are just having fun I guess. Idk lol but really great stories even yours @Pete

  • Here’s mine: I’m a comic fan and I like to take a break and read novels with superheroes instead of comics sometimes. First one I read was Spider-Man one, which I read at least a decade ago. I found it in my house, read it, then shelved it. I got another this year, and when I read it, the side plot was the same. I found it strange, and thought that since it was the same publisher, they got permission from the original writer to do this, as they were different. I finished this one and reread the other, but the side plot was different now, even though I remembered reading it quite clear the first time. It referenced other Marvel heroes and stuff like that, even a supervillain fight was the same. This was the only one in my house, all other ones I order online.

  • Okay… I dunno why this part has only one comment… I didn’t find it in recent posts either when it was published… I had to search for it… But the Lost Id one was a standout for me among the others… Really… It creeped me out…


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