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The Ghoulies movies were designed as a cheap rip-off of Gremlins. But Ghoulies proved an unexpected success on the video rental market when it came out. So they kept making sequels to this comedy horror movie. The film’s poster has a ghoulie popping up out of a toilet and the caption “they’ll get you in the end”. The appeal of Ghoulies and its sequels is its gooey slime potential and the malicious glee of the cool little creatures.


A man inherits the mansion of his father, a notorious Satanist and at his house-warming party, he unwittingly succeeds in conjuring up a horde of small goblins or “Ghoulies”. Soon, he becomes obsessed with black magic, making the ghoulies do his bidding and plans to sacrifice his friends to the Devil. There’s a cool scene where an evil clown doll comes to life.

Ghoulies 2

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom. Ghoulies II has the little nasties return to cause havoc in the haunted house ride at a struggling carnival amusement park. This is great for the owners of the ride because business starts booming, but bad for anyone else once the tiny monsters become angry and start to kill people. It’s cheap thrills galore as the Ghoulies are still cartoony but look a little better than before.

Ghoulies 3 – The Ghoulies Go to College

A comic book called is found in a frat house bathroom and it secretly holds three lost Ghoulies imprisoned within it. They’re unleashed by the college Professor who uses them to stop Prank Week on campus. Ghoulies III is simply a fun and cheesy flick packed with fun pranks, funny lines, and those cute and cuddly little puppets we all know and love.

Ghoulies 4

The Ghoulies themselves are slightly better creations this time around – dwarf-sized and played by actors rather than puppets. The ghoulies however are not really that well featured in the Ghoulies IV movie which is more about Jonathan Graves, now an L.A. police detective, and Alexandra fighting for a crystal.

scary for kids

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