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Garbage House

Garbage House

The Garbage House is a creepy riddle about a man who collects rubbish and piles it up inside his home. It is one of the “cryptic Japanese horror stories” that is “scary when you understand the meaning”. You have to think about the story and figure out what is really going on. If you can’t get it, you’ll find the solution in the comments section below.

I used to be a hoarder. I prefer to call myself a collector. I collected garbage. My house was full of it. Every day, I brought loads of garbage home and piled it up inside my house. I called it the Garbage House.

It was about two months after I started collecting garbage that the neighbors got suspicious. By then, all of the rooms were already filled from floor to ceiling with garbage. There was a terrible stench, so naturally no one wanted to come near the house.

Sometimes people from the neighborhood association came around to complain. I wouldn’t open the door for them. Instead, I just shouted through the letterbox and told them to go away.

Then a reporter from the TV news came around. I refused to give an interview. He talked to all the neighbors. They could say what they liked. I didn’t care.

I watched the coverage on the news that night. They said I was a desperate man with terrible debts and that I became strange ever since my wife ran away… Nobody understands what I’m going through.

Then, an incident happened that drew the attention of the whole country. The house caught fire. I wasn’t in the house at the time, so I was safe, but it burned to the ground. Afterwards, there were no traces left, just a big pile of ash.

The investigators couldn’t agree on what had started the fire. One thought it was caused by spontaneous combustion from the spoiled garbage. Another suspected it had set it on fire deliberately, but there was no proof.

Well I was hated by most of the people in the area because my house was full of garbage. Any one of them could have set it on fire in an attempt to get rid of me. Anyway, I didn’t care. In fact, it was very convenient for me.

After the garbage house burned down, I was able to collect the insurance. I got myself a small apartment and now I live normally. You could say I have a new chance at life. Of course, I don’t feel like collecting garbage anymore. I don’t need to.

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  • This is very simple his wife didn’t runaway he killed her and the garbage bags did not contain garbage they cotainaed the corpus of her dead body and he didn’t need to collect trash (body’s) anymore because he set his house on fire simply just getting rid and leaving the garbage or his wife. In ashes

  • This one stumped me. I thought the guy was a serial killer who hid his victims’ bodies in his house, referring to them as “garbage” because he didn’t see them as people. Nice work, SFK!

    10 out of 10 garbage homes!

  • He killed his wife she didn’t leave him and he doesn’t need the garbage anymore because he doesn’t have to hide a body anymore.

  • This was the easiest. He filled his house with trash to hide his wife’s body, and set fire on it to burn the evidence. I guess its because I watch too many crime shows XD

  • Solution: This is a tricky one. The man murdered his wife and kept her body in the house. He filled the house with garbage to cover up the smell of her decomposing corpse. He set the house on fire himself because he wanted to get rid of all traces of her body. After that, he doesn’t need to collect garbage anymore.

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