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Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream is a scary game about a creepy Ice Cream Man with a truck who turns out to be a crazed kidnapper.

This is an escape the room game where you play a little girl who is out playing with her friend Lilly one day. An Ice Cream man offers them “Free Ice Crem”. Unfortunately, they are kidnapped and held prisoner by the murderous creep who brandishes a bloody meat cleaver.

Note: In this game, you will have to hide whenever you hear the butcher coming, or else he will kill you and you’ll have to restart the game.

Free Ice Cream

The Free Icecream game was created by a team of five students as a school project. (Peter Groeneweg, Dennis Haak, Martijn Kors, Brian van Bruggen and David Kamerman). “You are a little girl who ends up in a creepy cellar after being promised free “ice crem”. Escape from the house without being caught by the insane cook!”

(Suggested by xfeardropx who asked: “Okay if anybody knows this game could you please tell me what it is called, it has been driving me crazy! Okay, there is a game that I played online once. It was about a girl that gets kidnapped. You play the girl and some creepy ice cream man kidnaps you and you wake up in his basement and have to find your way out of the house without him catching you. It is a cartoon-like animation game if that helps. If anyone knows what I am talking about, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!”)

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  • Free Ice Cream
    (I’m at the park with all the creepypastas)
    Me:*hears an ice cream truck* HOLY MOTHER *bleep* IT’S THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!
    Slenderman: Creepy, watch your language.
    Me: Sorry. Everybody, I’m taking orders!
    Ben: I’ll have a sundae with the works, please.
    Me: Kay…*writes the order down* Jeff, how about you?
    Jeff: I don’t want anything.
    Me: You sure? Okay. Eyeless Jack, how about you?
    Eyeless Jack: I’ll take a vanilla cone.
    Me: Alrighty…*writes the order down*
    Me: Kay-kay, we’re all set! Aw, snap. I’m out of cash. Slendy, can I borrow your $20?
    Slenderman: Sure. Just give me the change.
    Me: Thank you so much!*walks over to the ice cream truck* FREE ice cream?!? Sweet! Hello, sir. I woul like- Hey, LET ME GO!!! *shrieks* HELP ME!!!
    Jeff: CREEPY!!! Guys, follow me!
    Everybody:*chases after the truck*
    Me: Just like my bro Ben says, you shouldn’t have done that!
    Butcher: Shut up!*slaps me*
    Me:*cries out in pain* *gives the butcher an evil glare* Now THAT was rude! Do you know who I hang out with?
    Butcher: I don’t know and I don’t care, sweetheart.
    Me: I hang out with CREEPYPASTAS.
    Butcher: Wait, Creepypastas? You mean like Jeff the Killer and Slenderman?
    Me: Yep. And I wouldn’t mess with them.
    Me: Jeez, it’s cold in here. But what a story to tell!*hears a noise in the vent* Guys? Is that you?
    Ben: Creepy! Are you okay?
    Me: Other than a few backhands to the face, I’m okay.
    Slendy:*breaks through the vent and the others follow him into the basement* Good to see you, Creepy!
    Me:*starts a group hug* Kay, we need a gameplan. I’ll knock the butcher out, and when I give you the signal… Take care of him. Kay-kay?
    Everybody: Alright.
    Me: Shh! I hear him coming! hide! HEY, UGLY! GET DOWN HERE!
    The Butcher:You talking to me, sweetheart?*holds a knife to my throat* I suggest that you behave a little better…
    Me: And I suggest that you don’t mess with the wrong girl!*kicks the butcher in the head several times*
    The Butcher:*passes out*
    Me: Take care of him, guys.
    Everybody:*kills the butcher*
    Me:*searches in the freezer for ice cream* *finds tons of ice cream* I hit the motherlode! WHO WANTS ICE CREAM?!?!?!?
    Everybody: *race into the freezer* *grabs their share of ice cream*
    Me: Boy, what a story to tell.
    Jane: Yep. I gotta say, you handled yourself quite well!
    Me: Thanks! And, everybody, thanks for rescuing me!
    Jeff: Anything for a bro.

  • By the way guys, how to feed the cat? I don’t know. Please teach me. I want to finish the game

  • Hey by the way guys. Could you tell me how to feed the cat? I don’t really know. Please teach me. I desperately want to finish the game.

  • Awesome! For some reason, I always love to watch people argue and swear cuz its so funny and ‘childish’! My point is arguing is childish. So go punch the living day lights out of one another! Thats taking it like a man!(Or a woman if your a girl or woman)….. Okay im just gonna stop talking.

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