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Follow Me

Follow Me is a scary story about a girl who sets up and Instagram account and wants to gather as many followers as possible.

Follow Me

There was a 15-year old girl named Chloe who created an account on Instagram. She always took pictures of herself at school and at home and posted them online.

Chloe spent a lot of time trying to get as many followers as possible on her profile. She would browse through other users’ accounts and leave a comment on their photos, saying, “Please follow me. I follow back.”

One day, when she was looking for new followers, she came across a strange profile. It was a man who took pictures of dismembered dolls. He never showed his face in any of the photos.

As usual, Chloe left a comment on his photos: “Please follow me. I follow back.”

An hour later, the man followed her account. He left a comment on her latest photo saying, “I’m Following You.”

Whenever she posted a new photo, he would always leave the same comment. “I’m Following You.”

She never understood it, but she didn’t care. Chloe was obsessed with gathering as many followers as possible and getting as many likes as she could on her photos.

One night, when her parents had gone to the supermarket, Chloe got a picture sent to her Instagram account. When she opened the photo, she realized that it was a picture of her sitting on her bed.

All of a sudden, she was paralyzed by fear and she began to feel a terrible chill take over her body. She heard footsteps approaching and a gravelly voice behind her said, “I’m Following You.”

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  • Did anyone else read the title and think “Follow me! Then you’ll see! Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow me see a nightmare in action!” FNaF song??? Follow Me! No? No one? Okay bye!!!!
    I hear a sound *Walks away singing You Can’t Hide*

  • And that is why u shouldn’t get too obssesed with social medias ;)… Anyway, the end was predictable …7/10 instagram followers

  • Saw that coming.That girl must be a psycho.When the man or whatever it was said ‘I’m following you’re she should have wrote back ‘I’m following you’re.Anyways she was obsessed with Instagram.I wonder why…..Anyways great story though you should have worked on it a bit more. ;)7/10 stalkers

  • Short and sweet…I like that. Good story. Man I hate people like this….I’m seriously, how many photos do you need of yourself, really? Ugh….people are stupid these days and put themselves out there WAY too much.

  • Lol she is stupid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Duh! The woman is so stupid. She could’ve simply written “follow me but only on Instagram ” as a joke. The man is simply crazy. I mean who in the world would post pictures of dismembered dolls on Instagram and expect followers to start rolling in?

  • Well duhhh…she obviously told him to “follow” her lol. I mean, that girl is just pure stupid for telling a man like that to follow her on Instagram.

  • First of all, what idiot would want a guy that takes pictures of doll parts following them on instagram? 2nd, that was way too predictable.

  • she really shouldn’t have told him to follow her. who knew he would take it literally! next time she should phrase it differently .

  • 4th well, she did say to follow her… the dude took a literal meaning out that. not his fault…the girl’s just sorta dumb

  • Not the best story. It’s too short and the girl was kind of stupid.

    3 out of 10 Instagram pictures!

Follow Me

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