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Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights is an urban legend about a woman who is disturbed by reports of a crazy person on the loose and the lights flickering in her upstairs bedroom.

Flickering Lights

A few years ago, there was a lady who lived near a mental hospital. One night, she was at home watching TV, waiting for a phonecall from her brother. He was flying into town to meet her and was going to call when his plane landed.

It was a very stormy night. Suddenly, the television program was interrupted by a news bulletin. The news reader said that a crazy woman had escaped from the local mental hospital. They doctors said that the crazy woman was very dangerous. She had killed 12 people before she had been caught and sent to the mental institution. They also said she was obsessive compulsive and was obsessed with light switches.

The woman was distracted by her phone ringing. It was her neighbor from across the street. He told her that her upstairs lights in one window kept flickering on and off. The lady thanked for letting her know and hung up the phone.

She thought it was probably just an electrical problem, but she decided to go upstairs and check, just in case. In the darkened hallway, through the crack under the door, she saw that the lights in one bedroom were indeed flickering on and off. Gripping the door handle, she opened it cautiously. The room was empty. The fan in the room was on and it was blowing a coat hanging beside it. The coat kept knocking the light switch on and off. Relieved, the lady turned off the fan and went back downstairs.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door. It was her neighbor again. He told her that the lights upstairs were still flickering on and off, but this time it was in a different window. Together, they went upstairs to check it out. When she opened the door of the room, the lady found it empty. The lights were off. Her neighbor stepped into the room and began switching the lights on and off again and again.

At this point, the lady decided that her neighbor must be imagining things, so she thanked him and escorted him downstairs. After he left, the phone started ringing. Her brother called to tell her he had arrived at the airport.

“You don’t need to pick me up””, he said. “I’m getting a taxi. I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

Then, on the line, she heard a raspy female voice say “I’ll see you soon.”

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  • Haha nice… the chick better get out of the house and warn her brother not to go in there too. You know what, it should’ve clicked right away with that chick.

  • I think I get it. The crazy woman was in the house. When her brother called that he rides a taxi, the crazy woman was behind the normal woman. The crazy woman said I’ll see you soon to the normal woman’s brother. Am I right?

  • guys it said the neighbor was a him… a dude. The end wasn’t worded very clearly but either the crazy lady was in the house, picked up another phone in her house, and said to the brother see you soon (most likely) OR the mental lady was the taxi driver and she told the sister that she’ll see her soon (after killing the bro maybe?)

  • When I saw the name of the story I was like “GRAB THE SALT SAMMY!!” (Supernatural reference btw, great show)

  • I have a couple theories:
    1. The brother was mental and killed the lady
    2. The neighbor was the crazy lady
    3. The lady hacked into the call

  • I didn’t like this one and why does stuff like this happen when its nighttime or its raining or somepony is home alone

  • @xChicken nuggetsx
    Yes the crazy woman was in the house……she was hiding somewhere and was not ready to appear before the lady…….and finally as her brother disconnected the call, the crazy woman was on the other phone saying that to the lady

  • Guys I don’t get it. Can someone help me understand please? Why is the neighbor switching on and off? and did the crazy woman was in her house?? Please anyone help me understand it :(

  • I think the last part where the brother called was the brother’s perspective. Which means the lady was already killed. The author should’ve made it clear by describing the moment the brother arrived at the airport and before he made that call or it could just mean that the moment the woman escapee answered the call she was about to kill her.

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