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Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is a scary story about a young boy who died on a ride in an amusement park. It is based on a Russian urban legend.

Ferris Wheel

Many years ago, in a small town in Russia, there was an amusement park. It had many rides, but the most popular one was the huge ferris wheel which towered over the park.

In 2007, tragedy struck when a 4-year old boy was taken to the amusement park by his parents. They were drunk and careless and they weren’t paying attention to their son. The boy wanted to ride on the ferris wheel, but he was turned away because he was too young.

The parents decided to ride the ferris wheel by themselves, leaving the boy unattended. Just before the ride started, nobody noticed the young boy rushing forward and grabbing hold of the bar at the back of his parents’ car. As the ferris wheel began to turn, it lifted him up and he was hanging there in the air.

A few minutes later, the boy’s hands got tired and he couldn’t hang on anymore. He lost his grip and fell almost 100 feet to his death. Everyone who witnessed the accident began screaming. The boy’s parents immediately sobered up and when they realized what had happened, they were distraught and began blaming the operator of the ride and the owners of the amusement park.

The ride was closed down while police investigated the accident. In the end, they concluded that the parents were responsible for the accident and they were jailed for neglecting their child.

In the summer of 2008, a group of boy scouts and girl scouts went to visit the amusement park. After trying some of the other attractions, they decided to take a ride on the huge ferris wheel. As they climbed into their seats, they were all laughing and joking. When they got to the top, all of the boys and girls began screaming in terror.

After they reached the bottom again, the kids scrambled out of their seats and ran away from the ride, shaking with fear. They claimed they had seen a young boy on the ride staring at them with blood dripping down his face.

A few weeks later, two middle-aged ladies were on the ride when they noticed blood dripping onto their legs. When they looked up, they saw a little boy on the car above them. They said he was covered in blood and it was sripping down onto them. When they got back to the bottom, they told the ride operator what they had seen, but there was no trace of the young boy.

In 2009 a girl and her boyfriend went on the ride and had a terrifying experience. They claimed that when they were at the very top, they noticed a small figure sitting in the car beside them. It was a little boy wearing clothes that were streaked with blood. As they watched, the boy disappeared before their eyes.

Later that same year, the owners of the amusement park hired a psychic to come and take a look at the ferris wheel. She said that the ghost of the little boy who fell to his death was still attached to the ferris wheel and that his soul was not able to rest.

In the fall of 2009, tragedy struck again. It was a normal day and customers were visiting the amusement park and enjoying all the rides. The ferris wheel was turning as usual when all of a sudden, it ground to a halt. As the people on the ride waited for it to start up again, they noticed the smell of smoke.

Just then, the ride burst into flames. Fire engulfed the cars and the frightened people bgean screaming in terror. As the flames came closer and closer, people started jumping out of the cars. Some of them fell to their deaths on the ground below, but passengers on the lower cars survived. Eventually, the workers at the amusement park managed to extinguish the flames and people who were still on the ride were rescued by helicopter.

The owners of the amusement park decided to demolish the ferris wheel. When it was being dismantled, workers found the cause of the short circuit in the engine that caused the ride to burst into flames. A pair of children’s shoes were stuck in the mechanism.

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  • Im scared of heights and im scared of ferris wheels so all i gotta say it is Dont ride FWheels and Dont Fall 100 ft to ur death

  • Ok, so basically the child was like, “I’m tired, I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m just gonna LET GO OF THE BAR AND FALL DOWN 100 FEET WITH NO FEAR OF HEIGHTS AND MAGICALLY FLOAT DOWN. Here I go!”

  • So Sfk ii noticed that when the children in the car saw the boy covered in blood and it was “sripping” down on them and also the word “bgean” or is it suppose to do that?but its a cool storry tho

  • I love the last sentence. But, WHO leaves a 4-year-old unattended?!? That’s disgusting. Horrible parents. I love my parents.

    I give it a 8 outta 10!

  • Man ferris wheels need a ghost or something to spice up that ride…I’ve only been on one…kinda boring…and u would think the boy could ride the ferris wheel since his parents were there. Stupid parents still got on when their boy couldn’t pssshhh…

  • That’s an example of bad parenting. Poor boy :( I would be thinking twice before riding any Ferris wheel.

  • Nice. Bad parents, leaving their child unattended in an amusement park. The pair of shoes in the engine was scary. :)

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