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Fatty is a horror story about an extremely overweight boy who is in hospital with a chronic eating disorder. He needs to eat.


I was eating a giant marshmallow when the nurse walked in.

“Good morning, Fatty,” she said.

Everybody calls me Fatty. That’s not what it says on my birth certificate, but as long as I can remember my name has always been Fatty. That’s what my mom called me.

“You’ve been eating your pillow again,” the nurse said, shaking her head.

I looked down and saw that she was right. My pillow was all chewed up.

Did you ever notice how pillows look like marshmallows?

The nurse slipped some pills into my mouth and I gobbled them down.

Did you ever notice how fingers look like hot dogs?

“You’re drooling all over yourself,” the nurse said.

I can’t help it. I am so hungry.

The nurses don’t understand. They’re starving me. They don’t realize that I’m a growing boy. I need to eat.

My mom always understood. When she was taking care of me, she kept me fed. I was happy then.

She would cook anything I wanted… Sausages, bacon, burgers, hot dogs, french fries, pizza, pancakes… My mom cooked it all.

She always fixed me snacks too… Bags of chips, chocolate bars, cakes, hard candy, jellies, ice cream, salted nuts… Anything I wanted, my mom would give me.

Whenever she went out, she always remembered to bring me back something… McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts… She was the best.

My mom always told me, “You’re a growing boy. You need to eat.”

Everything was great until the day the doctors came and got me. There was no way they were going to squeeze me through the door of my bedroom, so they had to knock down a wall and use a crane to hoist me onto a truck.

They brought me to the hospital and started starving me. They told me I almost died. They said my mom was feeding me to death, but the way they’re starving me here is worse than death.

“Time for your bath,” the nurse said.

She started washing me in bed, running a wet cloth all over me.

Did you ever notice how soap suds look like ice cream?

Did you ever notice how arms look like roast turkey legs?

I grabbed the nurse and she gave a little yelp.

When the doctors came rushing in a few minutes later, I was almost finished.

I was afraid they’d take the last piece of turkey away from me, so I swallowed it down real quick and gnawed as much meat off the bones as I could.

Like I said, I’m a growing boy. I need to eat.

scary for kids


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