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False Teeth

False Teeth

The False Teeth is a scary story for kids about an old homeless woman who finds a pair of false teeth in the street.

False Teeth

There was an old woman who was homeless. Every night, she slept in an alley and every day, she wandered around the city, rooting through garbage cans, looking for something to eat. She had never taken care of her teeth and they all fell out years ago. Every time she ate something, she had to mush up the food with her gums.

One night, as she was doing her rounds, searching through garbage cans, she spotted something lying in the middle of an alley. She stooped down to take a closer look. Sitting in a puddle of blood, there was a pair of false teeth.

Unable to believe her luck, she picked up the false teeth and wiped them off with an old rag. After looking them over, she stuck them in her mouth and tried them out. They were a perfect fit. She wanted to test them out, so she took a soggy tomato out of the garbage cans and bit into it. The false teeth worked perfectly as well.

After a while, the old woman started to feel really hungry. She rooted through some more garbage cans and found a potato, some carrots and a rotting head of lettuce. Stuffing them into her mouth, she gobbled them all down. The more she ate, the hungrier she got.

Then, the woman spotted a stray cat. She chased it for a few blocks and when she caught it, the cat started screeching and scratching and spitting. She didn’t care. She just jammed it into her mouth, chewed it up and devoured it, tail and all.

A policeman was walking his beat when he saw the wrinkled old woman gnawing on a lamp post. He walked up to her and asked what she was up to. The old woman stopped nibbling on the lamp post and turned to face him. She had the biggest set of teeth he’d ever seen.

All of a sudden, she pounced on him and started gnashing her teeth. Clack! Clack! Clack! He tried to fight her off, but she was too strong. She bit into his sleeve, tore off a piece of cloth and guzzled it down. He pulled out his gun, but before he could get off a shot, she swallowed it whole. Then, she ate the policeman as well and, when she was finished, all that was left was his badge and his handcuffs.

A little while later, a kid on a bicycle came riding by. The woman grabbed him and chomped on him until it was all gone. Then, she ate his bicycle for dessert, but her hunger still wasn’t satisfied.

Two homeless men were sleeping in a doorway. She ate them before they had a chance to wake up. Then, a man in a car stopped at a red light. She pulled him out through his window and gobbled him down as well.

The old woman ran through the streets, but they were deserted. It was late at night and nobody was around. She was getting desperate and she was so hungry, her mouth was watering. The drool was pouring down her front and all she could think about was eating.

Halfway up her arm, she tried to stop but it was too tasty. The false teeth clicked and clacked, chomping and chewing, slicing through flesh and bone like it was just candy. Soon, there was nothing left of the old woman but a puddle of blood and a pair of false teeth.

Shortly before dawn, an old homeless man came shambling down the sidewalk and saw the false teeth lying in a puddle of blood. He didn’t have any teeth of his own, so he picked them up, wiped them off and shoved them in his mouth. They fit perfectly.

He walked off, thinking about how hungry he was.

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