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Faces of Belmez

Faces of Belmez

The Faces of Belmez is a tre ghost story about an incident that happened in Spain in 1971. A woman named Maria Gomez Pereira discovered the strange image of a man’s face on the floor of her house. Some people say it was a hoax and others still believe it was real.

Faces of Belmez

The Belmez Faces was a paranormal phenomenon where residents in a private house in Spain claimed that these faces keep appearing and reappearing on the floors.

On August 23, 1971, when María Gómez Cámara claimed that a human face formed spontaneously on her concrete kitchen floor. María’s husband, Juan Pereira and their son, Miguel, destroyed the image with a pickaxe and new concrete was laid down. However, not long afterwards, a new face formed on the floor.

The mayor of Bélmez was informed and forbade the destruction of the new face. Instead, the floor concrete was cut out and taken for study.

Hypothesis to explain this include chemicals on the floor but nothing is for sure yet.

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