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Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends is a scary creepypasta story written by Maximilian Porky. It’s about a teenager who spends too much time on Facebook and becomes obsessed.

Facebook Friends

Do you have a Facebook account? You know those people on Facebook that you don’t even know that try to add you? Well, I’m one of those people…

It all started about a year ago. A lot of things have happened since then. I never really had any intention of joining Facebook in the first place. I didn’t want to humiliate myself by letting the whole world know how unpopular I was.

I was a first class loner and I barely had any friends. I hated how no one ever talked to me. People treated me like I didn’t even exist. I kept hearing people talking about Facebook and I decided to create an account.

It was kind of scary at first, letting the entire world know what I was doing. I was giving up my privacy and freedom, but I thought it might help me finally fit in.

At first Facebook seemed very foreign to me. I had zero messages, zero notifications, and zero friend invites. It was just like in real life, only this time the whole world could see it.

Regardless, I started exploring the site. I can still recall the first thing I did when I started using Facebook. Remember the game with the fish? You know that game, right? It was my favorite! I used to spend hours on it. I would buy countless fish, but I would never feed them. I just wanted to watch them die. Watching fish die was so much fun! I probably would have played it forever if I hadn’t received that first friend request.

I couldn’t believe it. somebody wanted to be my friend! I eagerly clicked Accept. It was the best feeling that I could ever describe. After I clicked on the person’s profile, I saw what Facebook was really all about. He had hundreds of friends and countless status updates, all of them with at least five likes each. I so wanted that.

I began to snoop through his friends list and I added every single person that he was friends with. It took about five hours, but it was worth it. I didn’t know any of them and some of them just ignored me, but others accepted my request without thinking twice. As soon as I became friends with them on Facebook, I was able to learn everything about them.

I passed the first two weeks adding people. Then, I added everyone they knew. Before long, my popularity began growing exponentially. People finally knew who I was. It was all so wonderful. Some of the kids at my school even started talking to me. It was insane. I began to fall in love with social networking.

I became a Facebook addict. I hated not being online. The thought of not knowing what everyone was doing or what they were thinking was overwhelming. I hated the time I had to spend in school. Every hour away from Facebook seemed like spending an eternity in hell. I spent every free moment I had on the site. I began dreaming about using it and soon enough I stopped dreaming altogether.

I developed insomnia, which was great for me because it meant I could spend even more time on Facebook, especially since the school year had just ended. It was sweet to be able to spend every single waking moment of my life on Facebook. But spending so much time on it allowed me to also see the dark side of Facebook. There were a lot of people on there that still refused to accept my friend requests. I had sent thousands upon thousands and yet still I only had around 2000 friends. It was obvious that those people had something against me…

Why else would they not want to be friends with me?

Yes. Why else?

There had to be a solution to all of this madness and it was obvious. Yes! It was all so clear then… All I had to do was get rid of them.

I still remember my first victim. Truly, I had nothing against her. She was so young, so beautiful and so innocent. I will never forget those eyes… those piercing black eyes. The thing I remember most about her was how much she bled and how loud she screamed.

I relive that feeling every time I choose a new victim.

Come to think of it, I just sent you a friend request. If I were you, I’d think twice about clicking Deny…

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  • The thing I’m on, the closest thing to a friend request is a follow for follow. So I’ll be looking for that on my profile, ok?

  • secret staircase

    i got home from school and my mom was watching “the hunger games” were she weres that dress that looks like its on fire. anyways, when i was ging upstairs i screamed in fright by a little mouse then my mom came and said “are you alright?” i replied “yeah” i walked upstairs and went to my room. i went on my laptop and when on there really werent no ne stories since i logged on, i started searching my namme then i only saw “jeff the killer” yeah i know that ugly face with black greasy hair and white face. yeah my name is jeffery george. i started playing with my toy, it was cube with colors on it. its night time now and im going to sleep. last night i had the strangest dream, i was in a hotel then a man came and said “So, you’re jefferey?” i said yes then he throw my toy cube at me and said in a weird tone “here, play with…” then he lit his arms in fire. i then teleported in a lobby , i started running but i was staying in place. i noticed a black thing running around, it was as if it was running non stop. thats when i woke up. my legs were hurting, my head hurts to, i stared sweating and told my mom i was sick and started playing videos on Youtube from MR.creepypasta and looked around.i started looking up stuff about weird dreams. i grew tired and walked around. my mom was at work and my dad is on a business trip in colarado.
    i then went for a walk because school was over and my mom was back also i called my frend Jordan to meet me at our clubhouse. we started talking about jenny, his crush i didn’t really want to hear about it so i said “hey, i had a dream last night, it was weird” Jordan replied ” so, i don’t care but what was it like?” i replied with “weird, a man throw my toy to me and lit himself on fire” jordan sia d” oh, i had a dream like that, but a mann drowned while in the bathtub then he lit the bath on fire, then i like vanished then i was in a hotel lobby, so i just ran around there. i couldn’t stop when i woke up my legs were hurting and i had a feeling someone was watching me” I started walking around then I got there scare of my life when I woke up again” was sweating, it felt so weird” I than heard thunder, we went home and my mom said my dad died in a fire in a hotel he was staying in, I couldn’t stop crying until I went on, no new stories, I started searching videos then I saw mother computer crashed there. I was so bored. I started digging around my closer and found a secret door way. I told my mom and we checked it out. there we were whe were walking down stairs to the bottom. when whe got to the bottom whe saw some corpsebut wanted to see more

    srry! I got to go please reply :)

  • if you add thousands of friends at once facebook will block you from adding friends -_- but i always accept every friend request without checking who they are :p

  • Amazing, and it’s funny how I accept any friend request but I’m still zero message and notification, maybe after a month I should visit it again…but this story really is amazing, shows how mental the guy was, actually liking insomnia…

  • Expected better than this! Always killing… If only there was an adventure or something, it would be so awesomely awesome. Woah!

  • Hmmm…..from now, i’m gonna accept every frnd request on fb! :D
    wateva, i like ur idea, “kill people bcos they didn’t accept ur frnd request on fb” XD :D :D
    well…6 out of 10 cookies!

  • How did she kill them… What if they were half way across the world?
    I am pretty friendly, I talk to and accept anyone and everyone but if you begin to annoy or freak me out I may unfriend you or ignore you XD

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