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Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions

Cool eye illusions and scary magic tricks that will amaze you in a freaky and trippy way. These pictures are crazy mind teasers that play curious games with your brain.

1. Eye

This is a drawing by Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher of his own eye while looking in a mirror. In the pupil, an image of a skull is reflected, symbolizing death.

Eye Illusions

2. Open or Closed

In these three illusions, the woman’s eyes appear to be open at first, but in fact they are shut.

Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions

3. The Illusionist

This is from a 1914 advert for British illusionist T. Elder Hearn. His face appears in the scene on stage.

Eye Illusions

4. The Drain

This photo of water swirling down a drain has an eerie resemblance to a human eye.

The Drain

Read a scary story about The Drain Lady here.

5. Four Eyes

Four Eyes

This girl is a Japanese artist named Hikaru Cho (aka Chooo-san) who uses paint and make-up to create optical illusions on her own face.

Four Eyes

This is the poster for Bhoot, a 3D Bollywood horror film.

Four Eyes

This illusion of a cat with four eyes was created by Belgian artist Ben Heine. It’s part of a series called “Pencil Vs Camera”.

Four Eyes

6. Fish Eyes

There’s something very fishy going on in this photo.

Fish Eyes

7. Devil Eyes

An old optical illusion called “Wine Women and Song” in which the ladies’ wine glasses make up the eyes of a devil face.

Devil Eyes

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  • omg omg omg omg
    the lady one is scary cuz u have to close ur head enough N when u see it …

  • the way her eyes are shaded it looks like her eyes are open. If you back away from the computer or get really close to it.

  • omg kaykay your so right it does look her eyes are open if you look close enough and i almost put my entire face up to the screen just to see it lol

  • 1. There’s a skull in the pupil.
    2. If you look closely, it looks like her eyes can be open, too, because of the eye shadow.

  • the one with the lady with her eyes closed is…i don’t know, but it looks like it’s yet open at the same time

  • What? i dont get how the one in the middle is an illusion! Someone please answer me. The other ones are clever though

  • Yeah the one with the lady with the eyes
    You can see her eyelashes faintly above her eyes and the shadows make it look like they r open

  • No, the lady with the closed eyes sometimes appears to have her eyes open because of the shadows on her eyelids. Look carefully.

  • oh i get the one wiht the ladies eyes that r closed if u look closly u can see her head is on the ground so shes only a head and has no body!

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