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Dream School

Dream School

The Dream School is a scary story from Japan about a boy who becomes stuck in a dream. Warning: This is a cursed story and you may not want to read it. They say that if you don’t forget this story within one week, you will have the same dream. You could become stuck in the dream as well and find yourself unable to wake up. So, please think very carefully before reading this story.

Dream School

There was a Japanese boy named K who had a very strange dream. In the dream, he found himself wandering through a school. It was not his school. It was a school he did not recognize.

It was night and the school was in darkness. The sound of footsteps echoed down the empty hallways. It was very eerie. He tried to open the doors and windows, but they were all locked. He tried banging on them as hard as he could, but the glass would not crack.

The school was large and sprawling. It was like a maze. It didn’t seem to make sense. Walking down one corridor would bring him back again to the place he was before. It was very strange, as if the normal rules of time and space did not apply.

K was starting to get scared. He began to run down the hallway. The corridor stretched on and on without end and there was no exit. After running past the same set of classrooms several times, K noticed something odd. The corridor was an endless loop. No matter how long he ran down the corridor, he would always find himself back at the start.

He decided to try a different route. He ran down the hallway to the right, then took the first left and the first left again. He entered the Home Economics room and when he went out the door on the other side, he found himself in another hallway. He entered the art room and went out the door on the other side. Somehow, it brought him to the third floor, next to the girls’ toilets.

He went through the music room and ran down the hallway, past another set of classrooms. He came to a stairs and went down. He kept wandering and wandering. The night seemed to last forever and he felt like dawn would never come.

Kin… Kon… Kin… Kon…

K heard the muffled sound of a clock chiming. When he looked up, he saw a clock. The hands were swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

Clomp… Clomp… Clomp… Clomp…

K heard the echo of heavy footsteps chasing him.

He was too scared to look behind him and desperately wanted to escape. He ran up a set of stairs that should have taken him to the fourth floor, but instead he found himself on the first floor, outside the audio-visual room.

Clomp, Clomp, Clomp, Clomp, Clomp, Clomp…

The footsteps began to get faster and faster.

He ran down the corridor and turned left, left again, right, and left again. He came out in front of another set of classrooms. At the end of the hallway, there was an emergency exit, but the glass box that housed the key was smashed and the key was missing. There was a note inside that said the key was in classroom 108.


The footsteps were coming closer and closer.

K ran down the stairs. He turned left, ran down the hallway, then turned right and right again. He found himself outside a classroom. On the door, there was a sign that read, “108”. K tried the door and it opened. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

The classroom was in darkness and he could barely see. He flicked the light switch, but it didn’t work. The classroom was filled with desks and there were bags hanging on the back of each chair. K started searching desperately through them. He looked in every bag, searched in every drawer.

All the while, he could hear footsteps coming down the hallway.


Before long, he heard something banging loudly against the door of the classroom.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

K still couldn’t find the key he was looking for. He pulled the drawers out of the desk and tipped them on the floor. He opened the bags and began dumping the contents out onto the floor.


The sound of the banging grew louder and louder. The door seemed like it was about to come off its hinges. He searched desperately, but he still couldn’t find the key

Just then, the knocking on the door suddenly stopped. There was an eerie silence. K stood there trembling, waiting with bated breath. He stood there in the darkened classroom, afraid to move a muscle.

After a while, he still couldn’t hear anything, so he went to the door. He reached out, turned the handle, opened it gently and peered out into the corridor.

What he saw horrified him and a scream died in his throat.

There were countless boys and girls. They were in pieces. Their heads, arms and legs were severed from their torsos. The floor was awash with blood and they were dancing… jerking back and forth… their limbs flailing to and fro in a dance of death.

K was drawn into the dream. His body remained asleep. He was never able to wake up. Even today, he is still wandering through the school in his mind.

Now that you have read this story, please try to forget about it. If you don’t forget about this story within a week, you will have the same dream in which you will find yourself wandering around the school. You will have to find the key and escape through the emergency exit before you come across the pieces of boys and girls who dance, or you will be drawn into the dream.

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  • Read this a month ago….
    I hav literally dreamed of everything EXCEPT this. Literally one night I had 3 dreams….

  • i was too scared to read this then read it and nothing happened so TO ALL THAT IS TOO SCARED TO READ IT:
    Don’t worry, go ahead. it won’t work. i promise :)

  • thank you sfk for the warning at the beginning ! Should’ve also put it on the purple muffin one too😭 !! lol haha I had forgotten about the purple muffin until I started reading these comments

  • ANYONE, please tell me if I should read it or not! I’m too scared to read the story…Oh and, anyone else remember Purple Mirror? XD Sorry if you have read it and forgot all about it. Sorry for reminding you about the Purple Mirror. ANYWAY, should I read this story or not?

  • Is it just me, or did this story remind of ‘The Purple Mirror’ story….Time is running out but i have to try and forget it or else.. (still another 5 years from now) anyone else remember the story?
    Also, i read this story about a year ago and yeah.. still here and healthy, no curseXD (great story btw skf sorry for the super long comment)

  • Hhhhhh i can’t even forget my ex, then maybe i can’t forget this story lol same scary though

  • I don’t even remember going to bed last night so if this is true and it actually happens, I’ll forget about it, but it most likely isn’t since I read about Kashima Reiko and it said “You will see her in two months.” I read that story last year and she still hasn’t shown up

  • I will not surely forget this. I wonder how fun would it be to wander in the school at night. How adventurous! I would love to have the dream.

  • Final exams are about to start….
    How can you expect me to remember THIS kind of stuff SFK?!

  • I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night so I’m pretty sure I’ll forget the story lol

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