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Doll Trunk

Doll Trunk

The Doll Trunk is a real ghost story about two young girls who have a terrifying experience during a sleepover.

A few years ago, my aunt and my cousin Lisa moved house. When they were moving in, the house was empty except for an old trunk. When they opened it up, they found it was full of dolls. Lisa really liked dolls, so she decided to keep them.

After all of their furniture was moved into the house and they got settled in, some weird things started to happen. It seemed as if the trunk full of dolls would move around the house at night on its own. One day, the trunk would be in Lisa’s room and the next morning, it would be up in the attic. At first, they didn’t really notice what was happening. Lisa just assumed that her mom had moved it and her mom thought Lisa had moved it.

One night, Lisa invited me for a sleepover. My aunt went out on a date with her new boyfriend and we were left home alone. It was around 2 AM when we heard a loud crash. It sounded like it came from upstairs. We raced up the stairs to investigate and found the trunk sitting in the middle of the hallway. All of a sudden, it went flying past us and tumbled down the stairs.

We were so scared that we ran into my aunt’s room and locked the door behind us. We stayed there for about an hour, but we didn’t hear anything else. We assumed it was safe to come out. When we opened the door, we saw something that completely freaked us out. All of the dolls were standing in a line outside the bedroom door. When we finally calmed down, I decided that someone must be playing a trick on us. Lisa stayed in the bedroom, but I went downstairs to take a look.

As I came to the bottom of the stairs, I saw two more dolls walking across the living room. They were just moving by themselves! I nearly had a heart attack. I ran back up the stairs, butwhen I came to the hallway, I saw that the dolls were gone. I went into my aunt’s bedroom and found Lisa sitting on the floor, surrounded by dolls. She was in hysterics.

I managed to calm her down and she told me that while she was waiting for me to come back, the door suddenly swung open and something started throwing the dolls at her. 20 minutes later, Lisa’s mom finally came home. We told her what had happened and she believed us. Lisa and I went to sleep. Early the next morning, before we woke up, my aunt took all the dolls out to the backyard and burned them. After that, no more weird things happened.

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    I want them. Bring the haunting. XD

  • My step sister had my mum throw away all the dolls in our house because she made my little siblings believe dolls come alive. My mum doesn’t believe such thing, but threw them all away, because it was getting annoying how they all suddenly started saying that the dolls were going to come alive. I hid a few and hopefully they won’t come haunt me. 😨

  • Thank God I have no cause to worry b’coz I have Ever After High dolls….
    Raven Queen,Apple White,Ashlyn Ella,C.A Cupid,Briar Beauty,Holly O’ Hair,Poppy O’ Hair,Duchess Swan,Lizzie Hearts,Blondie Lockes…… ;-)😊😊😊😊

  • Wow that waz scary and I’m glad the mom believed her cause usually parents thinks children are crazy when it comes to hauntings

  • I love dolls but I always disliked porcelain dolls. When I was little my sister had tons of them in her collection and we shared rooms. Every night I used to wake up and I swear they always moved from their places looking at me

  • Yay tnx sfk I finnaly have an account here I was reading this since I was 7 or 6 and now iam 9 thank you very much

  • We put our American Girl Dolls in a box in closets for reasons. I still get freaked out when Furbies turn on

  • You Idiots are destroying a toy that has existed since Time Immemorial; Why on Earth would you destroy such awesomeness.

  • Once we moved into a old house and being me I started exploring the house, I found in the closet in the master bedroom a small box in the corner so I opened it and there was a doll inside. Since I love to read scary stories I was like “let me guess this doll will come to life…” So I went to the fireplace and burned it then my mom walked in and said “what are you burning?”
    I replied with, “a doll”
    My mom thought I was joking so she left me alone.

  • Uh oh! I have like 10 Barbie dolls (I used to love them when I was little) and they are sitting RIGHT in front of me… O_o I think its about time to get rid of them…

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