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Delete The Photos

Delete the Photos

Delete the Photos is a scary story about four girls who find a camera in a haunted school bathroom. It is based on a segment of the Malaysian horror movie “3 Doors of Horror”.

Delete the Photos

There were 4 teenage girls who lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their names were Ying, Spicy, Nana and Sis. The girls had been best friends for years, ever since they started school together and they shared an interest in ghost stories and horror movies.

They had heard an urban legend about their school. According to the story, a girl went missing one of the school bathrooms and it had been locked up ever since. The girls decided that they would break into the bathroom when nobody was looking and take a look around.

“I wonder what we’ll find,” said Spicy.

“Maybe we’ll find the girl’s corpse,” laughed Nana.

That evening, when classes had finished for the day, the girls gathered outside the bathroom. The hallways were deserted and all of the other students had gone home. Sis used a hairpin to pick the lock and the door swung open.

The bathroom looked clean, but it was empty. When they checked one of the stalls, they found a camera lying on the floor. The strange thing about it was that it was still working and the battery was full.

Delete the Photos

Sis picked it up and started flicking through the pictures. There was nobody in the photos. They were all empty shots of parts of the bathroom.

“It looks like they were snapping photos in the dark,” said Sis. “I wonder what they were up to.”

“Oh my God, I think I know!” exclaimed Nana. “They were trying to capture a ghost. You’re supposed to go into a dark room and snap photos and if it’s haunted, a ghost will appear in one of the pictures.”

Ying was a little freaked out by this and she wanted to leave.

“Let’s take a selfie before we go,” Nana suggested.

Ying, Spicy and Nana posed together while Sis snapped a picture of them.

Delete the Photos

Then, they left, switching off the lights and closing the door behind them.

As Sis was on her way home, her phone started ringing. The call was coming from a private number. When she answered it, she heard a strange, rasping voice on the other end.

“Delete…” it said. “Delete…”

Then, the call suddenly ended.

Sis wasn’t sure quite what to make of it. She assumed it was just someone calling the wrong number.

When she got home, she plugged the camera into her laptop and started looking through the pictures again. When she came to the photo she had taken of the other 3 girls in the bathroom, she noticed something odd.

Delete the Photos

Nana’s hair looked strange.

Delete the Photos

Sis decided to give her a call, but Nana didn’t pick up her phone.

A few minutes later, when she looked at the picture again, something was wrong. Nana had completely disappeared from the photo.

Delete the Photos

Sis was a little frightened and she wondered if her eyes were playing tricks on her. When she took a closer look, she noticed that Spicy’s hair looked much longer, as if she was wearing a wig.

Delete the Photos

Sis was worried and she decided to give Spicy a call.

“Hey,” said Spicy. “What’s up?”

“Hi, something really weird just happened,” said Sis. “Remember when we took that photo in the bathroom?”

“Yes,” Spicy replied.

“Nana was in the photo, wasn’t she?”

“Yes,” Spicy replied.

“Well, she’s not in the photo now.”

“What do you mean?” Spicy asked.

“It’s just you and Ying in the photo now,” said Sis. “And your hair looks really long…”

All of a sudden, the call cut off. Sis tried to call her back, but Spicy didn’t answer her phone.

When she looked at the photo again, Sis got a fright. She almost jumped out of her skin. Spicy had disappeared from the photo and now, there was only Ying, standing on her own in the bathroom.

Delete the Photos

Worst of all, there was someone standing behind her. It looked like a woman with long dark hair and pale white skin.

Delete the Photos

Just then, her phone started ringing. When she answered it, Sis heard a familiar voice on the other end. It was very muffled, but it sounded like Ying.

“Delete the photos…” said Ying. “Delete the photos…”

“Ying, what’s wrong?” Sis demanded.

“Delete the photos,” she repeated over and over. “Delete the photos…”

“Ying! Where are you?” Sis demanded. “Answer me!”

Suddenly, the call cut off and Sis heard someone knocking on the door of her apartment. A chill ran down her spine.

The knocking was loud and insistant.

“Who is it?” cried Sis.

There was no answer.

Cautiously, Sis made her way down the hallway. The knocking grew louder and louder. Trembling with fear, Sis stood at the front door and put her eye up to the peephole.

Delete the Photos

She was horrified to see another eye staring back at her.

Delete the Photos

She let out a scream and ran back to her bedroom. Grabbing the camera, she quickly deleted all the photos on it.

All of a sudden, the knocking stopped and there was an eerie silence. She was so frightened, she started crying. She just sat there on her bed, holding herself and rocking back and forth.

Then, with trembling hands, she picked up the camera, pointed it at herself and took a selfie.

Delete the Photos

The next morning, when her roommate came home, Sis was nowhere to be seen. All four girls were reported missing. The police searched for them high and low, but no trace of them was ever found.

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  • I’m assuming that Sis was so distraught over her friends going missing because she wouldn’t delete the photos that she killed herself with the camera. It says at the end that she took the camera and took a selfie, so the spirit came to claim Sis’s life as well as the other four girls.
    In conclusion, if you are in a picture taken by this camera, you get a warning to delete them before the spirit comes and takes you away.
    I also wonder if the ghost had anything to do with the girl that went missing in the bathroom…?

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱WOW.

    She should have deleted the photo. c:

  • But she deleted the photos!!! Btw thats NOT how a selfie works ._.

  • Omg wow if my phone rung and I heard a weird and creepy voice telling me to do something I would have waited and then when it rang the second time and I saw the pic on my computer of my friends hair I would have deleted the pic, burned the camera, burned what I was were ing and everything I had on, burned my phone l( Lol you must be cra to think I will really burn my phone), used the house phone to call my friends and tell them what I saw and show them, leave the district, sue the school for letting us learn in a hunted district and then when people tear it down I would go to the sight were the school was and stay there and find clues in the middle of the night so I can find proof that ghost arnt real and its crazy that people believe in them… I’ve never seen or heard one….soooooooo????? Yea

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