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Delamar Nevada

Delamar Nevada

Delamar is an abandoned ghost town in the state of Nevada. Gold was discovered there in 1889 and prospectors came from all over the United States to make their fortunes. Little did they know that the town of Delamar would cause their deaths.


The gold in the Delamar mines was embedded in quartzite rock. Mining the gold from the quartzite created a dust that the miners called “Dagger Dust” because it was filled with small sharp particles of rock. The miners didn’t know it, but while they worked, they breathed in this dust and it destroyed their lungs.

Within a few years, all of the men in Demalar began to drop dead from lung disease. The Dagger Dust caused the unfortunate miners to endure a rapid and painful death. The deaths happened so fast that at one time, there were over 400 widows living in the small town. Locals began to call the town “The Widow Maker”.

When the townfolk realized what was killing them, they closed the mine and abandoned the town. Now it is filled with eerie ruins, haunted by the ghosts of the miners who died there.

Since then, numerous tales of ghostly sightings have been reported around the ruins. Everyone who enters the town gets a strange feeling that they’re not welcome there. A biker who was riding through Delamar said he felt an unseen force throw him off his motorcycle.

People hear rattling noises coming from among the ruins and some have had rocks thrown at them by some invisible force. There’s a big graveyard on the outskirts of town that has all the headstones of the miners who died there. Many people say they’ve seen the ghostly apparition of an old miner, standing by the headstones, staring angrily at them and pointing to the only road out of town.

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