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Dead Girl

Dead Girl

The Dead Girl is a scary story for kids about a mother and a father who bury their daughter, only to have her return from the grave every night. This is a “jump tale”, so when you’re telling this story to your friends, you should grab them and scream out the last line.

Dead Girl

Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who lived with their daughter in a little house on the edge of a forest. They lived happily together. The father went to work every night, the mother cleaned the house and the daughter went to school. Everything was fine with them and life was good.

One day, the daughter did not come home from school. Her parents were very worried. They went out looking for her and found her not far from home. She had been murdered.

Her parents were devastated. They grieved for the dead girl and buried her in the cemetery.

A few days later, something strange happened. The father had to travel to another village and he left his wife home alone. Just after midnight, there was a knock on the door.

“Who’s there?” asked the mother.

There was no answer.

The old woman nervously opened the door and saw someone standing there in the moonlight. It was her daughter.

The girl was covered in blood, her skin was deathly pale and her eyes were just empty sockets.

The mother was so glad to see her that she did not pay attention to any of this. She let the dead girl into the house, fed her and put her to sleep in her own bed.

The mother stayed up all night, waiting for her husband to come home. She was anxious to tell him that their daughter had come home.

In the morning, when the father arrived, she hurriedly brought him into the bedroom, but the daughter was gone.

The mother told the father what had happened, but he didn’t believe her. They were both having trouble recovering from the death of their only daughter and he thought his wife was losing her mind.

The next night, he went to bed early and his wife stayed up. Once again, there was a knock on the door and when she opened it, her daughter was standing there.

The mother let the girl into the house and called her husband. The father got out of bed and put on his pants and came running down the stairs.

When he saw his daughter, he was overjoyed and hugged her. He asked her many questions, but the girl never said a word. They just sat there in silence.

They went to sleep, but in the morning, the daughter was gone again.

It was Sunday and after they went to church, the parents stayed behind to talk with the priest about their daughter.

When he heard their story, he gave them this advice: “Dig up your daughter’s coffin and open it. If your daughter is lying on her belly, cut her in two and put her back into the coffin, lying on her back.”

The parents listened to him and did as he said. They went to the cemetery and dug up their daughter’s coffin. When they opened it and peered inside, they saw that their daughter was indeed lying on her stomach.

They took her body out, chopped her in half with an axe, then laid her back inside, on her back and went home.

That evening, the father had to go away again and he left his wife home alone. Just after midnight, there was a knock on the door. When the mother opened it, there was her daughter, lying on the ground, her body split into two parts…

Shocked, the mother asked, “Honey, who did this to you?”

The daughter said, “YOU DID!!!!!!!!”

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  • its so obvious the parents did this to her when they were doing this to her she had her eyes open so she could tell it was her parents

  • stupid, usless, come on SFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think this was supposed to be a story for slumber parties/sleepovers and camping. It’s up to the story-teller to keep it animated and intriguing. And it also said it’s supposed to be a jump-scare so it really is for story-telling.

    Besides, I’m sorry but how rude. Maybe it’d be better if instead of saying comments that aren’t really nice, read and understand the whole context first. We’re only readers here, it’s not us doing the work posing stuff. Sheesh. Respect for scaryforkids please.

  • Ok d mother wasn’t scared to c hr dead daughter… Obviously, she wsnt evn scared to c hr dead daughter in half… N d priest was also cool with it, he dint wanna bless d house or smthn… So obvious right?

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