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Dead Body

Dead Body

The Dead Body is a scary story for kids. It’s about a young boy who is home aloe when he starts getting some strange phonecalls asking him if there is a corpse in the apartment.

Dead Body

There was a young boy who lived in Russia. One evening, his parents went out and left him home alone. They told him to get himself ready and go to bed no later than 10:00 PM. They warned him they would return after midnight and if he was still up, there would be hell to pay.

The boy started playing games on the computer and lost track of time. He looked at the clock and realized it was already 11:05 PM. He was about to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth when the phone rang.

Thinking it was his parents checking up on him, the boy let it ring for a while. Then, he picked up the phone, pretended to yawn loudly and said, “Hello?”

“Hello,” replied an unfamiliar male voice on the other end. “Is there a dead body in your apartment?”

“Uh… I don’t think so,” replied the boy, more than a little surprised.

“Can you check, please?” asked the voice. “We will call back in five minutes.”

The caller hung up. The boy just stood there astonished. The phonecall disturbed him. Why would anyone think there was a corpse in his apartment? What kind of a question was that? What scared him the most was the mysterious caller’s use of the word “we”.

He picked up the phone again and tried to call him mom and dad on their cell phones. He kept calling them, but they didn’t answer. They had probably switched their phones off, he thought.

As soon as he hung up, the phone rang again and he immediately answered it.

“Well, is there a dead body?” asked the voice.

“Uh… I haven’t searched yet,” the boy replied.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” demanded the voice. “You think the corpse will find itself? We will call back in five minutes.”

The boy went around the entire apartment, looking here and there, but there was no corpse. The phone rang again.

“Well? Did you find it?”

“No… Nope… Nowhere.”

“And you searched the whole apartment?” the voice asked.

“Yes. Every room!” said the boy.

“And in the cupboards? Under the beds?”

“Er… No.”

“Well have a look!” the voice growled. “What’s the matter with you? Have you never played hide and seek? We will call back in five minutes.”

The boy walked around the apartment. He looked in all the closets, under all the beds. He even checked the balcony. There was no corpse. The phone rang again.

“Well? Did you find it?”

“No. There’s no dead body here.”

“OK, perhaps we have the wrong apartment.”

The voice laughed and hung up the phone.

The boy was confused by the phonecalls, but he knew his parents would be home soon. He didn’t want to get in trouble, so he quickly got undressed and hopped into bed.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he thought he heard the front door of the apartment quietly open and close. Then, soft footsteps came down the hallway.

Some time after midnight, the boy’s parents came home. When they walked into the apartment and turned on the lights, they were confronted by a horrible sight.

Their son was hanging lifeless from the ceiling. A rope was tied around his neck and his eyes were wide open, frozen in a look of terror.

His mother screamed.

Just then, the phone rang. His father answered it.

“Hello,” said an unfamiliar voice. “Is there a dead body in your apartment?”

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  • Me: *Yawns* hello?
    Creep: is there a dead body in your room?
    Me: …..
    Creep: well, Is there?!
    Me: ….
    creep: IS THERE?
    Me: Yes please mommy.

  • If I ever got a phone call like that I’d be like
    Me: *yawn* hello?
    Voice: is there a dead body in your closet?
    Me: *breathes heavily*
    Voice: well is there?
    Me: *breathes heavily*

    he would eventually freak out and never call again

  • If I ever got a phonecall like that this is what I would do

    Me: Hello?
    Voice: is there a dead body in your apartment?
    Me: Nope goodbye forever

    Checks closet, washroom, under bed, and everything where a Person might hide. After certain no one is hiding in my room locks door and sleeps with a pocketknife that’s under my pillow

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