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Dangerous Roads

Desert Roads is a colection of scary true stories about people who are driving through lonely or deserted areas and come across something truly frightening.

Dangerous Roads

1. California Desert

I was driving through the California desert, on my way to New Mexico. Taking a shortcut, I found myself all alone on a two lane road driving through the desolate landscape. There was nothing for miles, except for an abandoned ghost town. At the time, I had heard rumors that the area was a hotspot for satanic group activity.

It was late in the evening and the sun was setting. Soon it would be dark. I was driving through a canyon with high grass on both sides of the road. Up ahead, I noticed something in the middle of the road, blocking my path. As I came closer, I slowed down to a crawl.

There was a truck stopped sideways across both lanes. On the road, there was an open suitcase and clothes were scattered everywhere. Two bodies lay face-down in the road. It was a man and a woman and they appeared to be dead.

I stopped a hundred feet or so from the scene of the accident. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up. Something was very wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

I reached into the back seat and pulled out my rifle, putting a round into the chamber. Then it hit me. The scene of the accident looked too perfect. It was as if it had been staged.

Was it some sort of ambush or was I just being paranoid?

I broke out into a cold sweat. My heart was pounding in my chest. Something was seriously wrong. I didn’t dare to get out of the car.

As I scanned the road, I saw a line I could drive. I could pass the body of the man lying in the road on the left, then swerve to the right side and pass the body of the woman. I dropped into first gear, punched the engine and drove the line I planned.

I passed the back of the truck without hitting it or either of the bodies in the road. I continued forward a few hundred feet and then slowed down so I could breathe and let my heart slow down.

As I looked in the rearview mirror, I suddenly realized that the two bodies had gotten up to their knees and at least twenty shadowy figures were emerging from the tall grass on either side of the road.

At that moment, I began to panic. My right foot stepped on the gas and I sped off down the road. I didn’t let up until I had to slow down until I reached the highway.

I will never know what would have happened to me had I gotten out of the car to check on the bodies or if I had stopped my car closer to them. Somehow I don’t think it would have been good.

Sometimes real life can be scarier than any horror movie.

2. Baby in the Road

One night, my friend was out driving in his truck in the Maine countryside. It was a remote area where you could drive for hours without seeing civilization. There were just trees and more trees that stretched on for miles. He was driving along when he suddnely saw something in the road up ahead. He stopped the car to take a look, but he couldn’t quite make it out. Whatever it was, it was moving. It was moving very, very slowly. He got curious, so he drove closer to it in his truck. It was a baby, lying in the middle of the road. He was stunned, thinking someone had just abandoned a baby in the middle of the road. He got out of the truck and walked over to it. When he went to pick it up, he realized that it wasn’t a baby at all. It was a baby doll and it was being slowly dragged across the road by a string. He ran back to his truck and drove out of there fast as he could.

3. Back Roads

Back roads are scary at night. A few years ago, I was driving down a lonely country back road. It was around 2 AM and there was no cell phone reception in the area. I slowed down as I was rounding a curve and all of a sudden, I saw a car sitting in the middle of the road. There were no lights on and the driver’s door was standing open. I stopped my car and turned on the high beams to see if everything was OK. Just then, I noticed 2 men coming out of the woods behind my car. They were crouching down and approaching the back doors on both sides. I slammed the gas and as I took off, I almost side-swiped the car they left in the middle of the road. It was so dark that if they had come out of the woods a couple more feet behind my car, I probably would never even have noticed them…

4. Jason Mask

I was driving home after a long day work when I saw a dark figure in the road up ahead. There were no houses around, no cars, nothing. As I got closer, I could tell it was a man in a black trench coat standing in the middle of the road. I slowed down because I was afraid I was going to hit him. Coming a little bit closer, I could see he was wearing a hockey mask. It looked exactly like Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies. The man jumped out in front of my car in an attempt to make me stop. It scared the hell out of me. I managed to swerve and drove around him. I still don’t know if he was out to harm me or if he was just messing with cars that went by. I’ll never forget looking out of my window and seeing that Jason mask staring back at me!

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  • I have visited california desert more than …… Now I am afraid of going there…… I loved the baby story… I am thinking that who must have pulled the baby doll with a string……. Anyways good job sfk

  • Ok, now that’s just creepy… Now I can’t even trust ‘dead’ people!

  • I get it… It was a Fake accident. The two bodies lying on the ground were not dead bodies.. They were robbers.. They were just lying there pretending dead so that someon may come over to check the bodies and they could rob him/her.. They were planning the same for the narrator. But when he just left without checking the bodies, the rest of the robbers came out of the bushes who were ready to attack the victim (as the narrator saw 20 figures coming out of the bushes). He was very lucky to get out of there unharmed.

  • Basically, the man felt like he shouldn’t get out of the car because he felt something was wrong, the accident looked quite fake so he decided to drive around the bodies, as quick as he could. When he was far away, he looked back and the two supposedly dead people got up and more people emerged from the bushes around the ‘accident’. These people definitely weren’t there as a coincidence, they were planning on doing something to an unlucky person who stopped and got out of their car…

  • “Something was very wrong, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…”
    Erm… There are two dead bodies lying on the ground in front of you, isn’t that wrong enough?

  • Actually, since this can hardly happen to any of us, I think its inhuman to leave bodies as they are and drive away like….the hell is wrong with you they could be alive. But if you have a habit of trusting your instincts (like I do and 90% of the times its correct) then maybe fleeing the scene is the next best option. I think in the story the satanists were faking to be dead inorder to catch a victim for some ritual or sacrifice or simply for drinking blood….

  • Woah btw why do people wanna have a check on dead bodies if. Was there in that place I would just RUN or DRIVE as fast as I could

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