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The Cuckoo is a Korean scary story about an insane man who attacks girls on deserted streets and darkened laneways.

The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo urban legend began to spread rapidly around Korea a few years ago. Rumors were heard in schoolyards about a crazy man they called Mr Cuckoo or The Cuckoo Man. They said he would lurk in alleys and side streets, lying in wait for his victims.

As soon as a group of young girls passed by, they would hear a voice saying, “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” When they turned around to look, the man would attack them with overwhelming and indiscriminate violence. Some say he carried a baseball bat and others say it was an axe.

Reports claimed that many Korean girls were maimed by the crazy man and a few were even killed. In one incident, 20 to 30 Korean schoolgirls were walking down a street, when a man suddenly stepped out of the shadows and began beating them with a club as if he was playing a game of Whack-A-Mole. Before the police arrived, the unidentified man fled, leaving five girls severely injured.

They say that if you are walking down a deserted street and hear someone say, “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” you should answer the call with “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” and then run for your life.

As the story goes, Mr Cuckoo was a man who suffered from a severe mental illness. He was committed to an insane asylum as a mental patient. While he was being treated there, he was attacked by a female patient who beat him senseless and left him scarred for life. After he recovered, he developed an intense hatred of women.

Soon afterwards, the Cuckoo man escaped from the mental home and disappeared. The authorities were never able to track him down and, after a while, they gave up searching for him.

Today, he is still on the loose and stalks the lonely streets, looking for young girls to attack. Kids who have seen The Cuckoo Man describe him as being in his early 30s, very big and tall, wearing a black beanie hat.

According to the legend, the Cuckoo Man will sometimes ask a nonsensical question like, “Is Mr Cuckoo cuckoo?” or “Do you know The Cuckoo?”

If you don’t know the answer to his question or don’t answer at all, he will immediately attack you. The best thing to do is say “Yes” to whatever he asks and then start running.

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  • “Cukoo! Cukoo! Is the Cukoo Girl Cukoo?” P.s.- I’m the Cukoo Girl! You’re not answering me!! You will all die. L. O. L. Oh. I was spelling ‘Cuckoo’ wrong…

  • 😂😂 Why would I be walking alone… Wait, why would I be walking at all?

  • *walking alone in lonely street*
    me:”we get it. you’re cockoo, okay?!?”
    cuckoo man:”okay.. ” *walks into the shadow, depressed 😂 “

  • Me: *walking on an isolated street at night*

    Cuckoo Man: *behind me* Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

    Me: Cuckoo! Cuckoo! *turns around and stabs him with a knife and runs away*

  • @irock121731 lol, weird?! Sorry, but my life was weird was waaaaaaaaaaay before this site. Things happen, life tends to make me want to ask why why me all the time. I realized, weird is the normal, and well, normal that isn’t crazy is over rated. Yankees get used to it. I’m not saying that it is okay to hear your name called, go to the door and find no one ( happens to me a lot) but as long as the photo people DON’T leave there pictures, I will not complain about them watching me.

  • man that guy has some major balls. attacking multiple victims at once. usually killers go for the loners not groups.

  • @ rage-man99 well thank you!
    Also PHEWEEEEE i live in england.. But i havea friend who is moving to korea!!! Argh!

  • Are there any monsters or killers that only attack men? Just curious because this is the second thing I’ve seen on here where women are the target.

  • when i’ll go to korea and some dud ask me about cuckoo and i’ll say: yes i know it’s in my gun and it’ll be between your funkin eyes.

  • there are ways if u take the plastic off the battery then runn the paperclip around the flat side for a couple of minutes it gets hot then it burned me i saw it on a video on youtube and wonderd if it works well now i know it workss

  • korea is the best place in the world! id like to go someday, and maybe see The Girl ON The Cliff or something, they say that if u look in to her eyes, ur wishes will come true!

  • @nightmare night let me try to write a story

    Drip Drip Drip

    There was once an young adult named samantha. she lived with her mum dad and brother. One nIght everyone went to the shops and left Samantha alone. she went upstairs and put on her earphones and listened to some music. suddenly a dripping noise started. She dismissed it as rain. Hours passed by and her family had still not come back. She was beginning to get scared she went outside to check for them. But something wasn’t right. It wasn’t raining. Then what was that incessant dripping sound. she turned around and screamed. Her familys heads were severed and hung to the pipe on the roof. The sound went Drip Drip Drip . Another screamed filled the air. samanthas neighbour woke up. What was that sound . this time Drip Drip Drip Drip

    Guys any feed back will be appreciated

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