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Creepy Old Man

Creepy Old Man

The Creepy Old Man is a stupid ghost story about a girl who goes to visit a friend of her grandmother and has a very upsetting experience.

Creepy Old Man

One day, my grandmother took me to visit one of her friends. The old lady we were visiting was named Cora and she lived in an old house that must have been built back in the 1900s. On the way there, my grandmother told me that Cora had been born in the house and that was where she intended to die.

Her husband, Mike, had passed away a few years earlier, after a long illness. He died in the back room of the house. Cora missed him terribly, but she had just recently started dating a new man named Bob who was around the same age as her.

When we arrived, Cora was standing in the doorway, waiting for us. She kissed me on the cheek. I wrinkled my nose because she smelled of pee. She introduced me to her pet cat. It was ten years old and she called it “Mr Stinky”.

“Oh great,” I thought. “A smelly old lady and her smelly old cat. This should be fun!”

Inside, the he old place, was dirty, dusty and unkempt. It was unpleasant, but I tried to be polite and kept on smiling. We sat around the kitchen table and I listened to the two old ladies chat about old lady stuff until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

Cora told my grandmother there was something she wanted to show her in the backyard. They wanted me to come with them, but I told them to go ahead without me. I couldn’t stand to listen to their stupid conversation any longer.

I glanced at my watch and wondered when it would be time to go home. When I looked up, there was an old man standing over me. He was staring down my blouse. What a creep! I gave him a disapproving glance, but then I remembered I had to be polite.

“Oh, hello,” I said, holding out my hand. “You must be Bob. Pleased to meet you.”

He didn’t reply. Instead, he moved closer to me. I couldn’t believe what happened next. He reached out and tried to touch my boobs. I cleared my throat quite loudly and gave him an angry look. He withdrew his hand quickly. The way he was standing there, just staring at me, made me very uncomfortable. After a few minutes, he just turned around and walked out. Such a weirdo!

Just then, my grandmother and Cora came back into the room. I was about to tell them what had happened, but I didn’t want to cause a problem. So, instead, I just got up, excused myself and went to the restroom to freshen up.

I was sitting on the toilet, when the door suddenly opened and the creepy old man came in. I cringed in horror. When you’re sitting on the toilet, it’s one of the most vulnerable situations you can find yourself in.

Instead of excusing himself or turning around and walking out, like any decent person would do, the old creep got down on his hands and knees and started crawling towards me. I was so bizarre and I felt so humiliated. I can’t imagine what kind of a view he was getting from down there.

“Get the bleep OUT of here, you bleeping bleep!” I hissed angrily. “GET OUT AND STAY OUT!”

(I don’t usually swear if I can get my point across in other ways).

He looked shocked by my colorful language and crawled out the door. I was shaking with anger. As soon as I had finished what I was doing, I washed my hands and ran out the door. I tried to regain my composure before leaving the bathroom, but it was no use. That old creep had made me steaming mad. I stormed into the room where my Grandmother and Cora were sitting.

“Where is that creepy old boyfriend of yours?” I thundered.

Cora was dumbstruck.

“What happened?” asked my grandmother in shock.

“Her boyfriend, Bob, came into the restroom while I was on the toilet and he got down on his hands and knees,” I shouted. “That dirty freak would not stop looking at me! Where is he?”

Cora’s eyes grew wide. “Bob is at work,” she said. “He won’t be home until late tonight.”

It took a few moments for it to sink in.

“But then, that means…” I screamed. “That means… It was your husband, Mike!”

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