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Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

Contact lenses have been used in movies for many years to create monsters or spooky characters. Musicians like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie use them too to scare their audience.

Scary contact lenses can go great with your Halloween costume and will give you the added edge when trying to scare the pants off unsuspecting victims. Want to turn yourself into a werewolf, zombie or alien? Creepy contact lenses can make the Halloween transformation look real.

There are two main ranges of colored contact lenses. Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses, both of them manufacture high quality creepy lenses. There are tons of lens styles available too. Check these scary lenses out:

Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

My Favorites:
Cat’s Eye – yellow, white, green or red, with a vertical black pupil just like a real cat.
White-out – makes your eye white, good for a zombie movie living dead effect.
Black-out – makes your eye completely black like the X-Files aliens.
Red Hot – for red vampire eyes.
Spirals – red, yellow and white, create a crazy effect.
Fire – bright yellow flames on a red background, around your pupil.
Bloodshot – red blood vessels over white background, very scary.

Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision and Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision.

Crazy Halloween Contact Lenses

Before using contact lenses, you need to see an eye care professional to have a lense fitting exam. They’ll also instruct you on the proper care and handling of contact lenses and show you how to put them in and take them out again. You also need to put them in solution to clean and store them. Never share your lenses with friends and always wash your hands before handling them.

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