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Cow Head

Cow Head

The Cow Head story (or “Gozu”) is a Japanese urban legend about a scary story that is considered the scariest horror story ever written. It is supposed to be so terrifying that you will die of fright after hearing it.

Cow Head Story

According to legend, a horrific short story called “Cow Head” was discovered in Japan in the 17th Century. The actual origin of the story is still shrouded in mystery.

Several written accounts from this era make reference to the awful story, but they only mention its title and describe it as a tale too terrible to tell.

Rumors state that upon hearing the dreadful tale, listeners were overcome with a terror so great that they trembled violently for days until they finally died from fright.

The Cow Head story was deemed too dangerous and most existing copies of it were burned years ago. The few copies that survived were cut into sections and distributed across the country. Today, it is believed that only fragments of the original story remain in existence.

Most of the actual details of the story remain unknown to this day. The unfortunate people who read the story never lived long enough to repeat it.

One recent rumor tells of an elementary school teacher who inexplicably came into possession of some fragments of the original “Cow Head” story. According to the rumor, the teacher was taking his class on a school trip. He was in the habit of entertaining the students on the bus with ghost stories. The students, who tended to become unruly on long trips, grew remarkably subdued as they listened to the teacher’s horrific tales. Many of them seemed truly frightened.

After some time, the teacher announced he would tell them the legendary forbidden tale called “Cow Head.” Before he could finish the first sentence of the story, however, the children began to panic. “Stop!” they cried. “Don’t tell us!” One child turned pale and covered his ears, and the others began to scream. But the teacher refused to stop. They say his eyes went blank and he proceeded with the story as if some unseen force had taken over his mind.

Almost an hour later, the teacher regained his senses and found that the bus had crashed into a ditch. The students had all fainted and were frothing at the mouth. The bus driver lay slumped over the wheel, sweating and shivering. It is unclear what happened next, except that the teacher never told the “Cow Head” story again.

Dear ScaryForKids, I was looking online when I heard of a story called “Cow Head.” This story is supposed to be so scary, people have died from fright having read it. I have searched and searched but all I have found are cases in which the story is told. Apparently, a school teacher told his students the story, and they passed out. I don’t easily get scared, and I REALLY want to know the actual story! Thanks(:

Scaryforkids says: You won’t find the Cow Head story on the internet, especially not in English. But I have read a summary of the first part in Japanese. From what I could understand, the story starts out something like this: There’s a little deserted village in the middle of nowhere and archaeologists are digging to find out why nobody lives there. They unearth a weird skeleton with the head of a cow and the body of a man. They do research and find out that years before, there was a famine. (The story then flashes back to the time of the famine). Everybody in the village is starving. They eat all the cows and horses, then they start on the pets, dogs and cats etc. Then there’s nothing left and people are dying from lack of food. One day, a strange figure wanders into the village. He has the head of a cow and the body of a man. (He is the “Cow Head” or “Gozu” in the picture). The starving villagers attack him, brutally kill him, ripping him limb from limb and eat him. That’s when the village becomes cursed and all hell breaks loose… and that’s where the Japanese summary I read ended. The rest is lost to history. I don’t think the rest of the story exists anymore.

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  • The cow head story is the most frightining and mysterous horror story of all time.
    I have read many part of it but all of them ar different.

  • @Cutekittenz your story is not as same as that of SFK. Your story is much different. I wish i could read the real full story.

  • Not scary at all, except the fact that they ate him and ripped out his limbs. Too bad the rest of this story doesn’t exist :/

  • @Cutekittenz THANKS SO MUCH! ive been dying to hear that story(although its somehow not as scary as I hoped :D)

  • I WANT TO READ THAT STORY!! I believe that there is nothing scary about famine. People were hungry and that thing (whatever it was) came along and they ate it. Even if I do not believe I still think it will make a good challenge. I am a person who grew up surrounded by scary stories. Real stories. And god help me I am gonna go to Japan just so I can hear it or even better, read it. I want that story!

  • @CuteKittenz – it’s not scary … well, I’m actually already crazy and insane, so it prob didn’t work … even though now I feel kinda strange, my head is getting dizzy, my eyes are burning and my vision is getting blurry … ae those some of the symptoms … since I feel like killing someone right now … but I always feel that way … ahahahahahahaha…

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